His Destined Path Chapter 3051

Chapter 3051

Han Qianqian nodded, and then obediently came over to Xia Ran’s side.

But as soon as he came over, suddenly, Xia Ran slapped a palm directly on Han Qianqian’s neck, followed by a cold smile, “This is the Phoenix Secret Palm, it is effective on all things, Xia Wei, if he treats you badly or bullies you in the future, you can recite the Phoenix Secret Order, and he will definitely be worse than dead.”

“This method is effective no matter how strong or weak his power is. Xia Wei, you can remember.”

“You!” Han Qianqian was furious, she had thought she had some secret to tell, but who would have known that it was this?

“Sister.” Xia Wei was obviously also quite unhappy with this approach, and looked at her sister somewhat depressedly.

“Your heart is too good, it’s hard to determine when you meet good people and bad people, in case he bullies you in the future, you will at least have a defense.” Xia Ran said.

Xia Wei did not want to do so and was just about to speak out, but Han Qianqian had already put away his brief discontent and anger and looked at Xia Wei and said, “Your sister also has a heart to protect her sister, it does not matter, I, Han Qianqian, consider myself to be open and honest, I can do what I say, so what if I have this secret palm? You may not have the chance to use it.”

These words were used by Han Qianqian to comfort Xia Wei, but in fact they were also the words of Han Qianqian’s heart, as the two sisters, Xia Ran and Xia Wei, had saved their lives, so Han Qianqian would not treat them badly.

When she heard Han Qianqian’s words, Xia Ran finally had a faint smile on her face and beckoned Han Qianqian to come closer to her.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly, still coming?

Xia Ran smiled faintly, “This time, it’s true.”

Han Qianqian glanced at her and still put his head over.

“The Golden Phoenix Heart conceals many secrets of the Phoenix Clan, if you can crack it, this blood box can definitely be opened, and secondly, the Phoenix Heart Sutra can also be enhanced. You can try practicing your fire art with the Heart Sutra then, it takes a look at the extraordinary fire, if you can refine it, it will definitely be more fierce in the future.”

“Also, the power of the phoenix is extremely helpful in opening the heart of the golden phoenix, originally you two combined, this heart can be opened, but given that you are like this …… nowadays, you can think of other ways.”

Han Qianqian frowned, other ways?

“Xia Wei is a real phoenix daughter, but the phoenix daughter because of the power seal, learning things slowly to almost no, but win in the end the sealed power is the basic power, so the internal power is enough. You have the Qi of Chaos in your body and the power brought by the dragon’s blood, the two catalyzing it are actually the most suitable to pa*s on your power to her, and if you can help her achieve some cultivation, it will also help you open the Golden Phoenix Heart.”

Han Qianqian nodded in understanding.

Seeing Han Qianqian nod, Xia Ran sighed, “If you didn’t have the Seal of the Earth, these would actually be minor matters, but unfortunately, you seem to be in a difficult position to protect yourself now.

“It is late, I have opened the door to the outside world at the pond in the water for you, so you should leave quickly.”

After saying this, she looked up at Xia Wei, “I won’t see you out, so it’s better to say goodbye than to suffer the pain of parting.”

With those words, Xia Ran’s hands moved, and in a flash the three men in the piercing armour and Han Qianqian were lifted up by a gust of wind, and in the next second, as the door closed in on them, the three men flew straight out.


Flying through the great hall, the seemingly ferocious gale suddenly and obediently stopped again, sending the three slowly to the side of the pool.

In the middle of the pond, illusory colours swirled.

Xia Wei wanted to turn back, but she heard Xia Ran’s empty voice in the air, “Leave, don’t look back.”

As the words fell, another gust of breeze hit them and the three fell into the spinning illusionary colours, never to move again.

At that moment, at the door of the ancestral hall, Xia Ran gently pushed open the door of the room and looked into the sky.

A point of light suddenly struck the sky and grew more and more dazzling until the whole Peach’s Source faded into colour and finally black and white under the violent light.

“He’s gone?”