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His Destined Path Chapter 3054

Chapter 3054

“What’s he laughing at?” The leader looked at Han Qianqian in slight wonder.

“Did you just beat him silly?”

A few of the men finished speaking, each looking at Han Qianqian, filled with finger pointing and disdain.

Not only were they dumbfounded, even Xia Wei, who had been so nervous that she was in a defensive stance, was also a little dumbfounded, looking over at the Mountain Piercer with a pair of good-looking eyes filled with questions, what the hell was he doing?

The man in the beetle rolled his eyes helplessly and shrugged, “I’m not a worm in that guy’s stomach, so I don’t know what’s going on with him all of a sudden. But then again, judging by how long I’ve been following this kid, it should be that these guys are in for a rough ride.”

“Huh?” Xia Wei was even more confused, only just now was someone kicked straight away, hurt more than the piercing beetle, this will actually …… actually have the courage to say that others have bitterness to eat.

Even if we are all in the same gang, but Xia Wei can’t help but want to spit.

However, at this time, Han Qianqian side but suddenly stopped laughing, immediately after, he looked fiercely serious, raised his hand between a palm will directly on top of his chest, immediately fresh blood spurted wildly.

At this moment, everyone in the group, including Xia Wei, looked dumbfounded, was this the so-called counterattack? Is this what they call someone having a hard time?

How did it look like self-inflicted injuries? Could it be that he wanted to shock the other party in this way? Is this the way to kill a hundred enemies and injure himself?

This is too godly, isn’t it?

This is too godly, isn’t it?

For Xia Wei, is this how the so-called jianghu is played?

While everyone’s mouths were wide open in surprise, Han Qianqian suddenly took hold of the blood-soaked sand and threw it directly at the gang.

A group of strong men subconsciously reached out to block the sand, but the sand, which they thought was normal, caused a sharp stinging pain as soon as it touched their bodies.

Many of them burnt through their clothes on the spot, devouring the inside and shouting out in pain. The leader also blocked the sand and looked down at his hand, but a thumb-sized hole was left in his arm where the sand had been blocked, and the skin and blood were corroded into a dark black liquid slowly flowing down.

This guy, what is this thing?

With a cold look on his face, he raised his eyes and saw that Han Qianqian was already running towards the bottom of the mountain with the Mountain Piercer and Xia Wei.

The leader shouted angrily, “Give me chase.”

In the next second, several of them ran their black qi and quickly chased after them.

Although Han Qianqian had already run a short distance by now, he was unable to luck out, even with Mountain Piercing Armour and Xia Wei dragging him along, but he was still not fast enough, but also affected the speed of their travel.

When they were still some distance away from the foot of the mountain, with a loud shout from the leader, a black shadow flew over the heads of the three and landed in front of them.

“Insidious rat, is that all you can do?” Between the leader’s turn, his face was full of killing intent as he looked coldly and disdainfully at Han Qianqian’s trio.

“Grandpa knows quite a lot, but I’m afraid you can’t hold your own.” Han Qianqian shielded the two behind him and replied in a cold voice.

“Just by you?” The leader threw back his head and laughed, “Even to run away, you need someone else to lead you, and you dare to brag and pose as a daoist in front of old me?”

As the words fell, behind Han Qianqian, those few men also rushed over, pinning the three of them back and forth.

“Bragging?” The mountain-penetrator was coldly dissatisfied: “Do I need to brag to you? Do you know how Youming City was lost? Do you know how he killed the King of Youming? Do you want to try it again?”

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, having fought with each other just now, the mountain piercer also knew deep down that he was no match for the other side, so he went along with Han Qianqian’s words, attempting to scare these guys off through this kind of intimidation.

The leader frowned slightly, “In that case, you are the ones who killed the King of the Yu Ming in that merchant group of the Su family?”

“What? Are you afraid?”

“Afraid?” The leader laughed, “Oh my god, I’m really scared to death!”

With these words, he suddenly moved his hand, and at once a ray of light energy in his hand shot straight up towards the sky, before exploding violently in mid-air with a loud boom and a huge radiance.

After that, he looked at Han Qianqian coldly and said, “I was just guessing before, but it’s better if you admit it, because we’ve been looking for you in this mountain for a whole day and night!”

“What?!” The three were shocked.