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His Destined Path Chapter 3055

Chapter 3055

After the leader finished speaking, the whole man revealed a grim and evil smile, stepping through iron shoes and finding no place to go.

When they found the cave, they thought they would find something, but they were disappointed.

However, after detecting a lot of life in the cave, especially since the fire in the cave was still warm, the Thirteenth Master decided that the people had not gone far and immediately sent his men to search the seven hills, including the surrounding area, thoroughly.

The day and night had basically gone by, and just as they were thoroughly wondering how the gang had suddenly disappeared and were on their way back to collect their troops, they were surprised to see three people who had suddenly appeared.

The three were human beings, plus the strange appearance was easily linked to the disappearance of the gang out of thin air.

The leader had a feeling that something was wrong, so he took action with the intention of killing the wrong person rather than letting them go, but little did he know that a blind cat had stumbled upon a dead rat, and the catch was a perfect one.

The man’s men behind him were smiling coldly, this time it would be a great achievement, if it was good, not only would there be a reward of millions of dollars, a rise in rank, and most importantly, the girl beside this guy was so good that she was just right.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to pick up a broken shoe for the sake of merit, which is also a great joy in life.

“Who are you people? Are you from Yuming City?” Seeing that the other party was not afraid, but even more arrogant, saying that they were the ones who came for them, at this moment, the mountain piercing armor could not help but frown and said.

“If you really want to know, save your breath and ask the King of Hell yourself when you see our boss.”

With these words, he yelled out his hand, and then, with a wave of his hand, he directly led his brothers to attack.

“Piercing Mountain Armour, take Xia Wei and go first.” Han Qianqian angrily shouted, on the spot directly a slap on the chest, after spurting a mouthful of blood held in his hand, carrying the jade sword is directly long standing.

The group of people were immediately scared and hurriedly braked, after all, just now by Han Qianqian threw a fine sand mess, until now still have the heart palpitations.

“No, let’s go together.” The mountain beetle shook his head firmly, he did not say before, after all, Han Qianqian’s ability is there.

Even if he went first, it was so as not to hold him back. But now it was different, Han Qianqian had been struck by the Seal of the Earth, leaving him alone in a rash manner was actually no different from letting him go to his death.

“If you want to leave, you take Xia Wei with you, every time when it’s dangerous you’re the f*cking hero, it’s my turn too, right?” The mountain-piercing beetle shouted coldly and walked to Han Qianqian’s side.

Han Qianqian knew that Pierced Mountain Armor didn’t want to be a hero at all, he just wanted to use himself to protect himself.

“I’m already happy that you have this heart, but I can’t even get out of here with Xia Wei, only you can take him with you, hurry up.” Han Qianqian said sharply.

“She has you as her backbone, what’s the point of you not walking out if I take her? Don’t forget, you still have a lot of work to do.”

“I’ll hold them off as long as I can, go.” The Impaler shook his head firmly.

“How about I give Brother Three Thousand some blood?” Xia Wei voiced out.

“No way.”

Almost simultaneously, both of them blurted out, giving Xia Wei a stiff fright.

Xia Wei was still injured, so if she were to bleed profusely at this point, the damage to her would be almost as fatal, not to mention Han Qianqian, and even the mountain beetle had never thought of this method.

“No one’s f*cking leaving, brothers, let’s go, I’ll see how much blood he can’t finish.” When the leader saw that the three men were negotiating to leave, he shouted angrily, all but leaving behind his scruples about Han’s three thousand blood, and raised his sword and went in for the kill.

Seeing this, the other brothers also quickly killed him.

As he had expected, as they raised their swords, Han Qianqian killed one of his brothers with a single drop of blood and tried to replicate the same move, but he was already being pestered by the leader and had no other choice but to retreat and be wounded.

The mountain beetle is also under siege by the crowd, only left to linger, see him fall to the ground, a group of people will pounce on Xia Wei when, suddenly, the world suddenly turned blood red ……