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His Destined Path Chapter 3059

Chapter 3059

“The Evil Taotie is currently very weak and you need to take extra care of it. In addition, this egg of its, however, has just been conceived and is in dire need of nutritional replenishment.”

“Therefore, not only might the Evil Taotie not be able to help you, it might even add a double burden to you.”

“However, you must still take good care of this egg, for to the Evil Taotie, it is the most important thing it has, and to me, the Peach Source, it is also the only offspring of my Peach Source Forest Guardian Bird.”

“You must promise me that you will defend it to the death until it is born into this world. Or in other words, it must be no less important to you than my sister.”

“May I?”

Han Qianqian’s head was full of waterfall sweat and he said breathlessly, “Don’t worry, the Evil Taotie saved me, and naturally I look at his offspring as if it were my offspring.”

“That’s very good.” Xia Ran smiled softly, “Then I wish you all a safe journey, I should also go back.”

After Xia Ran finished speaking, she turned around and gently patted Xia Wei who was unwilling to give up a glance, the next second, her body moved like a phoenix bird and flew straight into the sky, gradually disappearing from the sight of the three.

“Screw it!” As soon as Xia Ran left, Han Qianqian glared hard at the mountain beetle, which was so f*cking outrageous that it had somehow given the evil Taotie a daughter-in-law and then given birth to such a thing “unmarried”.

It’s both funny and irritating!

I was expecting the Evil Taotie to come to our city to protect the three of them, but now, not only is it unable to help, but also has to go back to take care of the two of them, father and son.

Han Qianqian is really ……

The pangolin is helpless a stall: “I thought it had a companion, but also a little food, free and easy, who knows they are so fierce, body dry and thin N circle not to say, even the baby have?”

“How dare you say that?” Han Qianqian said speechlessly.

The pangolin shook its head, and after two mouthfuls, it wondered, “But why do you want us to take the baby? I mean, Han Qianqian, we don’t have to help hatch the eggs, do we?”

At this point, the b*****d suddenly snorted with laughter, “Holy sh*t, I’m really curious about the image of you hatching eggs.”

“If we’re going to hatch, it’ll be you.” Han Qianqian gave the pangolin a blank look.

“I’d like to, but didn’t you hear what Xia Ran said? Apart from you, no one else can touch the egg, and instead danger will occur. What does that mean? It means that the Evil Taotie only trusts you in his eyes, and no one else can.” The pangolin said roguishly.

Han Qianqian slightly a stop, have to say, wear the mountain beetle this b*****d said seems to have a point ah.

One would not really ……


The first time I looked at the evil Taotie, I noticed that the one eye of this creature also seemed to be emitting some kind of signal that the pierced mountain beetle was right, and Han Qianqian couldn’t help but swallow his mouth.

However, Han Qianqian, who was quite speechless at the moment, had no idea that it was this egg that had rewritten the rest of his life.

How could he have known that behind this egg lay the secret of the heavens?

How could there be a so-called forest guardian bird in the Peach Source, which was already just a habitat for the Phoenix clan?

After a glance at the red light behind him, there were already dozens of figures approaching that way, Han Qianqian knew clearly that it was not a good idea to stay here for long: “Let’s leave here first.”

With these words, he led Xia Wei, the mountain beetle and the evil Taotie, and they rushed towards the extreme north.

At this time, the red light, the leader of the big man is still in the red light confusion, dozens of figures are also from all directions towards that side.

When the gang saw the leader of the big man and his own men in the red light chaos, at once, the gang came out of a body like a tiger, waist like a bear, and a full body of black Qi man, his face cold, angry voice, a block in the hand will be the red light directly withdrawn: “What the f*ck are you doing?”

“Ten …… eleventh master?”

Those several strong men saw this and hurriedly knelt down.

He was about to speak when suddenly, at that moment, there was a ghastly and eerie hideous laughing sound from all around the mountain.

The crowd turned back in a panic, fear written all over their faces ……