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His Destined Path Chapter 3060

Chapter 3060

“Hahahahaha, hahahaha.”

The sound was like a wolf, the sound was like a dog, and even though the weather was still bright, the strange laughter still sent shivers down one’s spine.

It seemed to come from the sky and from the ground, and the source of the sound was not visible in all directions, but it seemed to come from all directions, so that people could not understand from which direction the sound was coming.

The tigers and bears, led by the Eleventh Master, looked around and saw no trace of them, until a few thousand metres behind them, they suddenly saw a dark golden light coming, and before they knew it, there was a sudden blur before their eyes, and in the next second, the dark golden light had flashed in front of everyone.

A black suit wrapped tightly and tightly around him, his body as slender as a bamboo pole, as if a dry corpse had come out of a tomb, his face also wrapped in black cloth, only revealing a pair of protruding old eyes, with the hint of a cold and incomparable eerie light in his eyes.

At the sight of this man, the arrogant and domineering tiger with a bear’s waist knelt down in a panic.

As soon as he knelt, a group of people behind him also hurriedly knelt.

“Greetings, Lord Special Envoy.”

The voices were united, the tones were neat, and the words and gestures were filled with supreme respect, and even the slightest hint of timidity.

“Pei Shiyuan, my Eleventh Elder, it has been several years since I have seen you for a long time, has it not?” He covered his face and his words were very dark and evil, but it was impossible to tell what expression he was wearing.

But it was also precisely this contrast in him that gave people a hardened sense of evil and evil.

The man called Pei Shiyuan, his head bowed very low, but his teeth clenched slightly: “Yes.”

“Do you know what this envoy has come for?”

“Shi Yuan knows, but…” At this point, Pei Shi Yuan hesitated a little.

As soon as he hesitated, a pair of demonic claws caught him by the throat and lifted the huge man of two metres straight up.

With those words, the big hand suddenly retracted into his body and Pei Shiyuan landed violently on the ground, smashing and spurting blood from his mouth.

“This envoy only wants to hear the results, not interested in listening to you turn things upside down.”

“Not found yet.” Pei Shiyuan forced himself to endure the pain and hurriedly said.

At this moment, a person next to him in the crowd hurriedly took a few steps forward on his knees and said in an urgent voice, “Lord Envoy, after the incident with the King of Youming, the Eleven Elders have led my 27th Division to quickly look around.

“But unfortunately the search for a day and a night, but that group of people is like evaporating into thin air, this …… is really not our fault.”

The words fell, he hurriedly swept his eyes the kneeling further back the burly leader, signaling him to hurry up and speak out, after all, he suddenly put the signal, must be something found.

The red light was also an indication that they had been in combat.

Once that leader saw the look in his eyes, he did not dare to be the least bit rude and nodded hastily, “Lord Envoy, don’t be angry, Fang …… Fang, we have indeed chased after the killers of the King of the Phantom.”

“Then, where are they?” The envoy said in a cold voice, and his eyes also looked at the guy.

The guy felt a sudden froth and could not help but shudder: “I was …… about to finish the job, but then a red light suddenly flashed and those guys disappeared until the Eleventh Elder arrived with his men ……”

Speaking of this, he silently lowered his head.

“Waste!” The envoy shouted coldly, and a dark golden light burst out from among his eyes towards the guy’s body.

“But ……” Seeing the dark golden light coming at him, the fellow suddenly shouted loudly.

The envoy’s eyes slightly parted, and the dark golden light swept towards the one next to the guy, and the poor guy didn’t even have time to let out a scream before his entire body completely turned into a light smoke and dissipated in the same place.

“But what?” The envoy looked coldly at the little leader.

That b*****d was still very arrogant in front of Han Qianqian, but at this moment, he was actually stared at by this envoy with a look that made his trousers wet, he hurriedly said: “I …… have seen them, and I have also fought with them, also …… please envoy give the little one a chance.”

“Lord envoy, we are all people who are dedicated to the old ancestor, right now Mang Niu has seen the murderers, it would be better ……” Pei Shiyuan also hurriedly said at this time.

The special envoy’s eyes shrank slightly and looked at the small leader, saying, “Since you have fought with him, right now, I do have a question I want to ask you.”

Speaking of this, he eerily sneered out ……