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His Destined Path Chapter 3068

Chapter 3068


There was a loud sound, and the eardrums hurt.

Han Qianqian and the three of them bent down and covered their ears almost at the same time as the “rubber cement” came down.

But what the other three did not expect was that the imagined impact of the huge “rubber cement” coming down did not occur, and there was no discomfort except for the painful sound to their eardrums.

“Hey, three youngsters, more afraid of death than an old man like me.” The old man shook his head helplessly and sighed as he swept a glance at the three who had closed their eyes and dodged.

“Come in, the ground is frozen to three feet, not a day’s cold since.” As the old man finished speaking, his hands moved slightly and all that was heard was a boom.

With the old man’s words and the roar, the three opened their eyes in unison, but they saw that the “rubber mud” had indeed come down, but not completely, but gave them a distance of about one metre.

Directly in front of them, a small door of about fifty centimetres had opened with the roar, through which a large space was visible, with brilliant lights.

The old man was not very tall, and almost as soon as he bent down, he stepped in, while Han Qianqian and the others were much worse off.

Once inside, the old man closed the small door in time.

There were a number of miscellaneous items in the room, mostly household items, and a bed, which was thickly covered with two futons, even though the temperature in the room was extremely warm at the moment.

The bedding was old, a little blackened and very dirty looking.

“Is this where you live?” Piercing the mountain beetle asked as he looked around.

The old man nodded gently, then walked over to the cooker next to me, opened the door, threw some charcoal in and closed the door before replying, “Exactly.”

“It’s a simple house, but it’s a few metres underground, so it’s good for keeping out the cold, so it’s a life-saving doghouse.” The old man smiled, took the kettle off the stove, picked up a couple of barely cups hollowed out with roots, poured water on them and placed them in front of a humble table, “Drink some water, three of you.”

The three looked at each other, walked over and sat down at the wooden table, at which point Han Qianqian asked, “By the way, old man, what was that white dot just now?”

“That was the extreme snow.” He replied.

The three of them were stunned, Extreme Snow?

“The name of this place is Extreme Snow Trapped Land. Within a radius of forty-four kilometres, extreme snow falls every twelve hours, and each time it covers a period of up to three days, when the temperature drops to such a horrible extreme that nothing can live, and even people will be frozen forever under an instant.”

“So, within these forty-four kilometres, it is almost a no-go area for any living thing.”

“Then you still live here?” Xavier queried.

“I am old and ruined, so where can I live if I don’t live here?” The old man laughed, “In the land of the Demons, the living are far scarier than everything, especially for someone like me who is basically a waste.”

Han Qianqian understood that in a place like the Devil’s Land where the weak are strong, there would have been little room for the weak to survive, let alone someone with an even smaller body and older years like the old man.

Life and death might be unpredictable in this place, but at least it was better than just dying outside.

“All of you have been running around for a while and are hungry, right?” The old man said, taking off the piece of fish he had been carrying back from his body, and with a twist of the knife in his hand, a large corner of the fish was cut off, and with another twist of the knife, the large corner was turned into three in one.

With a soft smile he took out two of the pieces and put them into the kettle on the fire, the other piece just rested on the wooden table.

“Hey.” The old man looked at the fish on the table and couldn’t help himself from laughing out loud, not knowing if he was pleased or what.

“This fish only travels through the water under the moonlight, turning that white belly to intersect with the moonlight like a moon shadow in water. But because its back is dark, it looks back like a ghostly face in the moonlight reflection, hence the name Moonlight Ghost Fish.”

Shaking his head, he got up and took out the two pieces of fish cooked in the stove, multiplying them separately and then handed them to the pierced mountain vest and Xia Wei, but only not to Han Qianqian, who smiled and said, “It has delicious meat, so the three of you should try it.”

The two men nodded, but Han Qianqian was a little embarra*sed, but since the old man had thrown a piece to him earlier, Han Qianqian didn’t say anything and got up to put his piece into the kettle.

The old man smiled slightly, shook his head at Han Qianqian, and then handed him the piece of raw meat on the table ……

What the hell?