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His Destined Path Chapter 3067

Chapter 3067

Han Qianqian and the mountain-penetrator were visibly stunned, but when they looked up at the white dot overhead, they were also stunned to find that it was swooping down at an extremely fast speed, and without so much as a second thought, they followed the old man and made a dash for the hillside.

“Fish, fish!” The old man ran a few steps and shouted back in panic.

Then, with his left hand, he mentioned the fish, and with his right hand, he hugged Han Qianqian and flew towards the mountain slope.

When he pa*sed by the old man, he simply clamped his feet onto the old man’s body and took him up the hill with him.

Xia Wei was waiting at the other end of the hill, but she had not seen the two of them for a long time, so she was about to come over to the hill.

Naturally, she was worried about the safety of Han Qianqian and the Mountain Armour, but at that moment, the Mountain Armour was already carrying the two of them and flying up the hill with the big fish in its hands.

As she breathed a sigh of relief, she couldn’t help but wonder what the white dot was.

If she was like that, how could Han Qianqian and the Mountain Armour be any different? But before she could see more, the old man pointed his finger in the direction behind Xia Wei and shouted, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go.”

At almost the same time, strange sounds were heard from the bottom of the hill, and with the old man’s urging, the pangolin could only fly in a hurry.

Xia Wei didn’t dare to slow down either, and with a little bit of luck, she turned around and flew behind her as well.

The two of them flew in unison, and almost at the same time, the lake behind them, in the canyon behind the mountainside, heard the crunching sound of ice breaking, Han Qianqian could not help but look back strangely, and for a moment was surprised.

From the centre of the lake, almost where the white dot had landed, the temperature suddenly dropped to the extreme, and the ice crystals rapidly condensed and spread in the direction of Han Qianqian and the others.

The speed was so fast and fierce that it was almost as if the water was condensing and the ground was freezing. In just an instant, the huge lake, including the shore where several people had stayed, was already covered in ice and snow.

And this ice and snow, like a molten lava eruption, ran towards Han Qianqian and the others with great speed.

Everywhere they pa*sed, everything froze!

Now, Han Qianqian finally understood why the old man had been so alarmed when he saw this white dot appear.

If this had run slower, wouldn’t he have known that he would be engulfed by this freezing and icy snow?

“Piercing Mountain Armour, Xia Wei move quickly.” Han Qianqian shouted urgently.

Xia Wei subconsciously wanted to turn back, but once she did, she was also clearly frightened by the scene behind her and froze in place, but as the mountain piercing armor flew by, Han Qianqian tugged her by the arm and dragged her forward, which prevented her from being blocked by the snow.

“Up ahead, up ahead.”

The old man shouted loudly and urgently, seemingly a dozen years younger in an instant, with the intensity of his words and the concentration of his spirit.

“I’ll take you.” Xia Wei, who reflected, re-stabilized her body at this time, and while flying forward, she simply pulled Han Qianqian directly into her hand, and as she accelerated with her luck, she brought Han Qianqian flying violently towards the front.

With one less Han Qianqian, it was obvious that the Mountain Piercing Armor was also quite relaxed, as it accelerated towards the front as well.

In just a few minutes, they flew back to the place where they had started, and the “rubber dough” was still standing at the entrance of the cave, seemingly telling them that you were back.

“Into the hole, into the hole!” The old man shouted, pointing to the entrance of the cave and saying sharply.

Xia Wei took the lead, closely followed by the mountain beetle, but just as the mountain beetle reached the entrance, the old man quickly struggled and jumped off him, urging the three of them to go in first, and then, just as the three of them were entering the cave in a strange way, he suddenly jumped in from outside the cave, and along with him, a huge “rubbermaid” covered the cave and came down.

What the f*ck was he doing? What the f*ck is he doing?

If you’re not going to be frozen by the snow and ice, are you going to be smashed to death by a giant “Play-Doh”?

Looking at the “Play-Doh” that completely covered the hole, leaving no gaps and falling fast, Han Qianqian, the three people were all dumbfounded ……