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His Destined Path Chapter 3071

Chapter 3071

What, how could this be?

Han Qianqian looked at the old man again, he did not say anything, but Xia Wei, who did not notice anything, asked, “So, old grandpa, you usually use this stinky soil to attract blood bugs, and then use the blood bugs to catch this moonlight fish to live?”

The old man glanced at Han Qianqian and smiled back, “Exactly, the snow comes and goes quickly in the Land of Extreme Snow, and there is a six-hour window every three days, so I take advantage of these times to catch some moonlight ghost fish, either to supplement myself or to exchange for some money to make ends meet.”

“Today, I went to the city a hundred miles away to exchange for some supplies, but I returned late.

The old man stood up, walked to the bed, pulled some hay from under the bed and put it on the ground.

“The night before the snow, even a few metres below the ground, the earth is frozen like stone, and the temperature is extremely low.

After saying that, the old man hugged the dry gra*s, found a place and simply tripped down.

Han Qianqian looked at each other, not to mention the situation the old man had mentioned, even without this, they were already tired from the day’s journey, so it was good to have a place to rest.

After letting Xia Wei sleep on the bed, the mountain beetle followed the old man’s example and found some dry gra*s and laid down on the ground.

But Han Qianqian didn’t have the time to sleep. He was still sitting at the table, looking strangely at the fish on the table and feeling the warmth that was now growing in his body.

It was so strange, ever since he had eaten the fish, Han Qianqian had felt the slightest hint of true qi fluctuating in his body again, and was surprised and vaguely worried.

He had no luck at all, but these qi were like naughty children rushing out to play on their own. In a way, this situation had the advantage that the true energy inside his body was automatic again, but the Seal of the Earth did not seem to have been triggered.

The downside was that who could be sure that it would not be triggered?

With this feeling, Han Qianqian could not fall asleep, and then he took the initiative to pick up the piece of raw fish on the table and put it into his mouth once again.

This time, Han Qianqian completely turned his eyes to the old man who was already snoring a little on the floor, not really because of his own body, but because of the fish in front of him.

Because as soon as Han Qianqian’s fish was in his mouth, the energy in his body clearly pulsed more frequently and that warm current became even more ferocious.

What does this mean?

Han Qianqian didn’t understand, moreover, what he didn’t understand was why the old man would prefer to let himself eat raw fish instead of cooked ones.

Was this just a coincidence, or was the old man doing it on purpose?

However, looking at the old man, he looked so ordinary that he might even die before himself at any time.

The temperature inside the house was warm, and before he knew it, the tired Han Qianqian had fallen asleep.

This night, he had a strange dream.

He dreamed that he was alone at the lake, the sky was bright, the water was clear, and a few moonlight ghost fish were marching freely through the lake, happy as can be.

And at that moment, he was sitting by the lake, somehow holding a fishing rod in his hand, sitting on top of a boulder, peacefully waiting for the fish to take the bait.

Suddenly, he felt the rod drop down and the line on the rod tighten up, he knew it was a fish.

With a gulp, he lifted the rod with force and felt the fish underneath it struggle.

Han Qianqian reached out to grab the moonlight ghost fish, but at that moment, he suddenly heard a laughing sound, looked back behind the hillside, but no one was there, a strange snap of the head, Han Qianqian turned back ……

The moonlight ghost fish suddenly transformed into a huge blood-red insect head, opening its mouth wide and biting directly towards Han Qianqian ……