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His Destined Path Chapter 3072

Chapter 3072

Han Qianqian thought about it, nodded, took Xia Wei and got up to the door, then, gently opened the door and went out.

Han Qianqian took a look around the room with the help of the candle, and saw that the part underneath was a little wider than the one square metre of “rubber mud”, about two metres wide.

The “play-doh”, also known as blood clay, was stuck by four sticks at a distance of about one meter above the head, and was not affected by bending down slightly.

Because of the overhang at the bottom, the blood clay at the bottom did not appear to be the kind of bloodworm that would be frowned upon, but the other four sides were stuck so tightly around the wall that there were hardly any gaps.

From the outside, however, there didn’t seem to be any problems.

“Brother Three Thousand, there doesn’t seem to be anything.” Xia Wei whispered.

Perhaps it really was just that the serial nightmare was so terrifying and sudden that Han Qianqian had thought a little too much about it himself. Thinking of this, Han Qianqian nodded and turned to pat Xia Wei’s shoulder to indicate that he should go back.

But, just as the two of them turned around, suddenly, there was a sudden rumble from the layers of earth on top of the earthen wall behind them.

Looking back, the wall, which had been neatly trimmed by the old man, was now bulging out with a loose bag of earth, and it seemed that something was faintly moving inside the bag.

The two men immediately turned around, each stopping to look at it with knitted brows.

The bag was about the size of two fists, not too big, but not too small either.

The two men looked at each other strangely and refocused their gaze on the slightly moving earthbags, what was this?

According to the old man, the only living creature that survived on one of this ground was the bloodworm, but although the bloodworm had a slender body, resembling an earthworm and a snake, its own lateral area was not large, and their size would definitely not be able to come up with such a large earthbag even if they had to burrow out of the earth.


Suddenly, at that moment, the earthbag exploded, followed by a huge tentacle that was half as thick as Han Qianqian’s thighs, which violently broke out of the earthbag.

The tentacle was like the leg of an octopus, but bigger and more disgusting. Although it did not have the dense suction cups on the octopus’ leg, it was covered with a dense and sticky liquid, and the whole tentacle was blood red, while the slime was green and white, with a lot of earth debris stuck to it.

This inexplicable up disgusting big tentacle, Han Qianqian and Xia Wei obviously did not expect, hard by a shock.

Especially Xia Wei, it seems that girls may be naturally sensitive to such things or insects and timid, the whole person was scared and pale, clinging to Han Qianqian’s clothes and hiding behind his back.

Han Qianqian’s brow was furrowed, what the hell kind of monster is this?

Although he was startled, Han Qianqian was still able to steady his mind, and with a sudden jade sword in his hand, he retreated towards the door while protecting Xia Wei, while keeping a deadly eye on the tentacle and being on guard.

But barely had he taken a few steps when he heard Xia Wei’s scream, and Han Qianqian suddenly turned to look back, his eyes suddenly wide.

With a thud, several large and disgusting tentacles burst out, just like the other walls.

“Get inside.” Han Qianqian shouted, pushing Xia Wei and pulling open the small door to send her inside first.

But almost at the same time, several tentacles had already attacked. If Han Qianqian hadn’t hastily pulled back Xia Wei, who was about to enter the house, those tentacles would have grabbed Xia Wei on the spot.

However, although the person was fine for the moment, the tentacles had directly impacted the half-opened door of the room and closed it.

Before Han Qianqian could get a firm foothold, the earliest tentacles behind him came at him with a fierce attack.


The sword fell with the sound of half of the tentacle falling to the ground, along with the remaining half of the tentacle that had emerged from the earth puffing and spraying green juice in the air.

The walls on this side of the room were immediately splattered with the green juice, which slowly slid down the walls and landed in a disgusting pile on the floor.

Half of the severed tentacles were still writhing on the ground like snakes, and the half that was sticking out of the earth, after spewing out the green juice, another horrifying scene happened.

As the green juice sprayed out, something continued to gush forward from the severed limb, eventually reborn as a brand new tentacle.

“What?” Han Qianqian snapped in shock ……