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His Destined Path Chapter 3077

Chapter 3077

Pain, the pain of all worms.

But what broke one’s heart even more than the pain was the psychic impact.

Countless bloodworms were trying to frantically burrow towards Han Qianqian’s body through the wound.

With their numbers, Han Qianqian believed that it might not be clear if the poisoned blood could kill them all, but he would definitely be slowly consumed by this group of guys.

Even the strongest poisoned blood would be exhausted at some point, and before such a dense and terrifying number, everything else was just a paper tiger.

The only way is to break the game.

But how to break the game is a huge and difficult question.

If he could use his true power, what would a small bloodworm be worth?

But at this moment, Han Qianqian seems to be no different from an invalid, not to mention resisting, and he cannot even break out of this mucus wrapping, so how can he talk about anything else?

“Wouldn’t it be better to marry that Phoenix’s daughter properly? Asking for trouble.”

Just then, a voice suddenly came from inside his head, and without much thought, Han Qianqian knew it was that devil dragon.

“That phoenix is not wrong, you have my devil dragon’s blood in your body, and you have the power of chaos in your body, plus the special physique created by the golden body in your body, if you have the phoenix’s blood to help you, not to say how invincible you can be, but at least, these ordinary people, not to mention tormenting you, even if they want to get close to you is just a fool’s dream. ”

“It’s a pity that some people can’t figure out that the other side of infatuation is stupidity, and that’s you.”

“What? I’m not even dead yet, and you’re going to recite sutras here to overtake me?” Han Qianqian shot back.

“Not dying is no different from dying, it’s just a matter of time.” The devil dragon barred its mouth, “These worms are all controlled by that old mother worm, as the saying goes, to capture the thief first, in order to break the game, it is necessary to kill that old mother worm.”

“However, as I see the situation, if you kill this old mother worm, these long worms may not be willing to give up again, how to play seems to be a dead end.”

Speaking of this, the devil dragon swung its head, “Then what difference do you think there is between you not dying and dying?”

“Then please recite those sutras you just said to yourself as well, as if you can still f*cking live if I die.” Han Qianqian said without good humour.

“Hey, look at you, you b*****d, you simply don’t know the heart of a good dragon.”

“Do you really think that I came out here to recite sutras to you to overtake you? I’m here to help you, you silly b*****d.”

“Help me? I can’t even help myself now, what else can you do if you live in my body?”

“sh*t, if you could use energy, I could scare the old worm with my demon blood and show a dragon shadow, okay?” The devil dragon’s mouth twisted in anger.

Han Qianqian was helpless, rolling his eyes and saying, “If I could use it, why would I need you? I’d have killed myself.”

The devil dragon was speechless, “I don’t care, you can’t lose my dragon’s prestige anyway.”

“Fine, fine, Brother Dragon is the most dominant, Brother Dragon is the most majestic, and when you’re done being majestic, you’ll die with me.”

“…… you!” Devil Dragon was furious, then sighed, “If you keep doing that, I won’t help you.”

“You really have a solution?”

“f*ck, I’m a dragon, what’s that b*****d? It’s just a ground worm. Even if he cultivates for ten thousand years, in the end he’s just a f*cking earth dragon, what is Laozi? I’m a demon dragon!”

“I’m 10,000 grandfathers above him!”

“Even if Laozi can’t give off his power, wouldn’t it be a matter of minutes if Laozi wanted to deal with him?”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian suddenly changed his previous attitude, “Master Long is a bully, so may I ask Master Long, what should I do now? You’re not going to let me go out and shout that Grandpa Dragon is here, are you?”

“You!” The Devil Dragon was furious: “Do you want to get out alive or not, D*mn it?”

“You say, I do.” Han Qianqian said, “Anyway, I’ve already made my plans, I’d better open my true power strongly if necessary, it’s better to be sealed to death than to be bitten by these disgusting bugs.”

“And how will Grandpa Dragon let Han Sunzi do what he knows he can’t do?”

“Your grandfather!” Han Qianqian said speechlessly.

“Get ready and polish your little a*s! Listen up.”