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His Destined Path Chapter 3076

Chapter 3076


“Wow ……”

The moment Han Qianqian, the “chrysalis”, was spat out, the entire underground space was suddenly filled with “snake-like” bloodworms that became extremely excited.

They squirmed towards each other, either singularly, or entwined, or burrowing out of the ground, or falling down from the roof of the cave.

The giant silkworm chrysalis was also holding up its countless disgusting tentacles, waving them in a haphazard manner.

Even though he had been struggling hard, the slime was like glue. No matter how Han Qianqian used it, it always contracted with force, not only did it wipe out Han Qianqian’s strength, but it also made him almost exhausted.

Looking at the countless huge and disgusting red worms approaching him, Han Qianqian had no other choice but to clench his teeth.

It was enough that the tiger was being bullied by a dog, but now even these underground insects could do what they wanted to do to him.


Suddenly, at that moment, the pupa suddenly made a strange sound, and in the next second, the surrounding bloodworms suddenly looked up at Han Qianqian en ma*se like snakes, full of aggressiveness.


The next second, the blood insects leaned back with their necks and rushed towards Han Qianqian.

The attack of ten thousand “snakes” was as terrifying as this!


Almost at the same time, countless bloodworms burrowed or fell from the ground and the holes, directly surrounding Han Qianqian in an instant.

Together with the bloodworms that rushed in from all around, in an instant, they became a chaotic mess, yet seemed to be in order, intertwining and entwining with each other, and one by one, they continued to bore into the slime.

In the slime, Han Qianqian felt countless slippery things coming directly at him, and at the same time, he felt extremely disgusted, but at the same time, he could not resist.

Suddenly, a tentacle on top of a nymph burrowed into the slime and the slit at the top of the tentacle opened up, revealing sharp teeth in the slit, and took a sharp bite at Han Qianqian’s leg.

Han Qianqian only felt a pain in his leg and blood spurted out from the wound on the spot.

But without waiting for any reaction from Han Qianqian, the bloodworms that had already entered and those that were still wandering outside, upon seeing the blood, immediately gushed in like mad, desperately towards the mouth of the blood source.


Han Qianqian was unable to open his mouth, but still clenched his teeth and let out a painful grunt. The bloodworms that were madly pouring in were not only madly bloodthirsty, but also extremely greedy, and countless of them even continued to drill into Han Qianqian’s body along the wound.

In just an instant, Han Qianqian felt that there were at least a few dozen bloodworms burrowing desperately into his flesh at his wound.

And along with them, there were more tentacles reaching out from the nymphs and coming at Han Qianqian from all over his body.

Only, when Ling was about to go up, those tentacles suddenly stopped.

Because at that moment, those bloodworms swarming to Han Qianqian after sucking or touching Han Qianqian’s blood, one by one suddenly squirm and slow down, part of the body by the poisonous blood began to melt, and those who inhaled even directly fell down, after their bodies turned into a pool of black blood.

Even the earliest of the tentacles, at this time, the head also melted directly.

The poisonous blood of the body is so toxic that it can melt everything, so how can it be compared to a small bloodworm?


The tentacles seemed to have sensed the difference in the slime, and after a brief pause, the slits at the top of each tentacle suddenly opened up in anger, revealing huge, saw-like teeth.

After that, dozens of tentacles turned back slightly, and the tentacles that had melted off their heads also fiercely reappeared, and in the next second, rushed towards Han Qianqian.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft!”

In the midst of the slime, only the sound of countless flesh being torn apart could be heard, and the huge mouths of those tentacles, like hungry wolves, were frantically tearing at Han Qianqian’s body.

In an instant, Han Qianqian’s body was punched with countless blood holes, and blood sprayed wildly everywhere.

With this ma*sive spray of blood, the bloodworms that had piled up on Han Qianqian’s body were nearly half a metre high and became even more frantic, burrowing into the slime from everywhere and then pouncing on the blood mouth, sucking and squeezing along the wound just like before.

In a flash, within the slime alone, Han Qianqian’s dozens of wounds were already carrying at least nearly a hundred bloodworms.

Even though the poisoned blood kept poisoning them, there were still more bloodworms that hadn’t eaten the blood that were frantically coming forward ……

In a moment, ten thousand insects devoured his body, and at that moment Han Qianqian ……