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His Destined Path Chapter 3082

Chapter 3082

“Hey, wait.” Pierced Mountain Vest forced himself to resist the urge to vomit and spoke out in time, he just couldn’t look at it anymore.

Because this old man’s operation just now was already disgusting enough, but what was even more disgusting was that this guy would actually forcefully pick up the fish and pour it into Han Qianqian’s mouth.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

This is not saving people, this is clearly an insult.

“Old Uncle, are you really saving people?” Stiffly, Xia Wei also said in a soft voice.

The old man swept a glance at the two of them, then let out a bitter laugh, then with a slight movement in his hand, he still put those pieces of fish directly into Han Qianqian’s mouth.

One piece, one piece, another piece.

The two people looked at it with their eyes tightly closed and put their heads away, it was too miserable ……

“Help him to lie down.” The old man got up, patted his hands, then walked to the table next to him, poured a gla*s of water and tilted his head to drink it, “There’s some fish left, remember to feed him every five minutes.”

After saying that, he took out the rest of those fish he had eaten yesterday, put them on the table and began to clean them up.

Xia Wei glanced at the mountain wearing beetle, who hesitated for a moment, closed his eyes, and finally nodded his head.

Since this old man had said that he would return life for life, I thought that he should have his own way, and since it was left to him, let him be.

Anyway, there was even less they could do.

Xia Wei nodded and gently helped Han Qianqian to lie back on the bed, then, she slightly transported the slightest amount of energy in her hands, then gently attached herself to Han Qianqian’s body, and slowly cleared away the blood and dirt on his body as soon as she could.

The pierced beetle took a look at the old man, walked over and sat opposite him, “Old man, this little bit of fish of yours plus that crap gra*s of yours, can you really cure him?”

The old man smiled faintly, “If you don’t trust me, you can go and save yourself. To be honest, if he hadn’t saved the old man’s life, then even if you broke the old man’s legs, the old man would definitely not have saved him.”

A little embarra*sed, the piercing beetle hemmed and hawed a smile and said, “This is not any kind of suspicion, I just want to ask, what is the principle of this? Moreover, you’re getting some of Han Qianqian’s blood in here.”

“This blood letting and feeding, I really can’t understand it.”

The old man smiled faintly, “You go and help me to burn the fire in the cooker wang more, and after the water in the kettle boils again, you will know the answer.”

The pangolin was stunned, but since the old man had said so, he simply got up and did as he was told.

Ten minutes or so later, the fire was up and the water in the kettle had boiled again, and the pangolin ran impatiently to the old man to find out the answer to his question.

“Those fish from the party are almost finished, take these over and I’ll come back later.” The old man pointed to a small piece of fish he had cleaned out on the table, picked up the kettle in his hand and poured water, and continued to put those dried plants into the bowl, while instructing.

The pangolin rubbed his head, granny, so many tricks to answer a question.

However, in order not to delay, the pangolin still took those fish fillets in his hands and walked over.

Xia Wei used her true energy to help Han Qianqian almost clean up, especially the upper half of her body, which was almost completely cleaned up, and she also very kindly tore her jacket into strips of cloth and bandaged up those clean wounds. At this moment, she was busy cleaning up Han Qianqian’s feet.

When she saw the pangolin coming, Xia Wei subconsciously lifted her head, glanced at the fish he was holding, and then gave up her body to him. However, as soon as Xia Wei gave way, she was about to move when she suddenly stopped.

When she was halfway to the bed, she suddenly stopped, and when she saw that her eyes were wide open and looking at Han Qianqian on the bed, she wondered what was wrong.

Following his gaze, the pierced mountain beetle is also the eyes suddenly wide open, the hands of the fish meat more because of the surprise at this time almost directly fell on the ground.

“This ……” the piercing vest regained a firm grip on the fish with one hand and held his temples with the other as he felt his scalp tingle ……