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His Destined Path Chapter 3083

Chapter 3083

Xia Wei also opened her small mouth slightly wide in disbelief.

How could this happen?

At this moment, Han Qianqian was still lying there with his eyes closed, but compared to before, Han Qianqian was completely different now.

Not only did he not have the slightest hint of the paper-like complexion from before, on the contrary, his skin and face were even slightly flushed with red, where was the deadly look from the previous bleeding?

“What is …… going on here?” Xia Wei and happy but more shocked, looked at the pierced mountain armor simply can not believe.

The man in the pierced beetle is also dumbfounded, at this point looking back at the old man on the table.

Obviously, this is what the old man just called the answer, right?

Only, how did this happen?

The old man laughed and didn’t even raise his head: “Now, do you two still question it?”

The two shook their heads like a rattle, although they didn’t know why this was the case, Han Qianqian’s recovered state at the moment was in front of them and they had to admit it.

“So yeah, from the very beginning, I said that this fish meat is a good treasure.” The old man smiled faintly, then, fishing out the plant he had only just soaked from the bowl, he slowly walked over.

He swept a glance at Han Qianqian, who was lying on the bed, and said softly, “The blood has been replenished, but you two should not rejoice too early.”

When they heard this, the smiles on their faces froze, and they glanced worriedly at Han Qianqian, and then at the old man.

There wouldn’t be any more chaos, would there?

“With such an injury, whether he can wake up is a huge unknown, and the chances can be said to be extremely slim. Didn’t the old man say that thirteen years ago he also rescued a man who was almost like a dry corpse? Back then, it’s not that the old decedent didn’t use this method, but …… even if he eventually recovered the same as this gongzi, he would still be unable to escape death after all.” The old man shook his head, and it was because of this that the old man was very hesitant after saving Han Qianqian, only to fear that he had wasted something and not saved the person.

Otherwise, why bother with that phrase of sinful fate?

Who had asked him to save himself again?

Hearing this, the two of them, the piercing beast and Xia Wei, also fell into a low tide.

“Unless, of course, he is a monk.” The old man shook his head and sat down.

Upon hearing this, the two who had lost their spirits instantly came back to life, and Xia Wei said sharply, “Old Elder, if he is a monk, what then?”

The old man gave a bitter laugh and shook his head, “It’s not much use.”

D*mn, upon hearing this, the piercing vest was so angry that he almost slapped the old man on the head, who are you kidding at this time when people’s lives are at stake?

But Xia Wei hurriedly gave a look to indicate the piercing armor to calm down, and then looked at the old man and said sharply, “But the senior clearly said ……”

The old man laughed bitterly and sighed, “It’s true, because theoretically speaking, this monk has his own true energy in his body, and has his dantian in his body, if he is awake, he can activate his inner dan to operate, thus regulating his breath and adjusting his veins, and repairing himself, so naturally he has a better chance of surviving than an ordinary person.”

Hearing these words, Xia Wei and the piercing beetle exchanged a glance and said sharply, “Old senior, he is exactly a monk.”

“Nonsense, if he were a monk, when you and I escaped back that day, would he still need to rely on the two of you to help him fly, like the old man?” The old man said with cold disdain.

Piercing Armour and Xia Wei let out a bitter laugh, not only was this a monk, but he was definitely the best of the monks.

Thinking of this, Xia Wei and Mountain Piercing Armour nodded to each other, and then, with a smile, Xia Wei made a move on the spot that scared the old man and made him sit on his butt on the ground.

The old man had previously stunned the piercing armor and Xia Wei duo with a tumultuous operation, and now, Xia Wei’s operation had in turn put the old man in his place, hardening the old man’s entire look.

“You guys …… what are you doing?” The old man’s whole person was stunned and looked at Xia Wei in disbelief.

Goo …… girl, you …… you this in the end is mixed up ah? Crazy, crazy?