His Destined Path Chapter 3086

Chapter 3086

“This is ……”

“What’s going on here?”

The pierced beetle and Xia Wei murmured in surprise and spoke, then they looked to the old man on the side.

The old man was also bewildered at this point, glaring at the two depressedly, you guys are f*cking asking me, who am I going to ask?

“The stuff I gave him wouldn’t have produced such an effect ……”


Suddenly, the colored golden light on Han Qianqian’s body suddenly became bigger, not only directly illuminating the whole room like a golden world, but more importantly, the huge internal energy of this golden light directly blew the piercing beetle and Xia Wei on both sides to the ground, along with driving all the surrounding things to be blown around and the old man sitting at the table to fly backwards several meters with the table.

When the three of them sat up from the ground in panic, Han Qianqian was already standing directly on the bed where he had completely collapsed, his body was full of light, his naked upper body was like steel and iron bones, the marks of the beasts on his arms were glowing again, and Han Qianqian’s firm and handsome face was not angry but powerful.

He was like a god!

The beast and Xia Wei were shocked and amazed at the same time, what was wrong with Han Qianqian?

And almost at that moment, with the loud sound inside the house, at the same time, outside the house, there was also a timely and violent sound of crashing.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The sound was so loud that it shook people’s eardrums throughout the house.

At this moment, the old man looked towards the door and immediately looked in a great panic: “Not good, it’s that old female insect that has found the door.”

Hearing this, the piercing beetle and Xia Wei were stunned, one wave had not yet subsided and another wave had risen.

Although Han Qianqian had now woken up and even stood up, it was too strange for life and death to be expected, but that disgusting old female insect had suddenly arrived, and it was not too much to say that the house had leaked into the night.

“What did this gentleman do to this old female insect in the first place?” The old man glanced at Han Qianqian in panic and confusion.

Having been here for many years, how could the old man not know how evil this old female insect was? However, for many years, this old female insect had only been looking for food outside, and had mostly chosen to go around when encountering such hard houses. Even when he snatched the food from its mouth thirteen years ago, it only hovered outside the house for a few days before leaving in frustration.

But this time ……

It was obviously different.

It has even taken the initiative to attack this sturdy hut of its own.

“Although this hut is sturdy, it is only relative, if compared with that old mother worm, I am …… deeply worried.” The old man was deeply worried.

He didn’t know if the hut would hold up or not, as he had never met such a critical situation before.

The mountain-penetrating beetle glanced at Xia Wei and looked around the house, “That whatever old mother worm can dig several holes in the ground just that big, obviously not a panacea, if he wants to break in hard, I’m afraid this place won’t last long.”

Xia Wei nodded.

“I’ll go out and fight him, he’s playing underground, isn’t Laozi? You take care of Han Qianqian.” After finishing his sentence, the mountain-penetrator was about to rush straight out.

But just as his feet took a step, suddenly, he only felt a flash of light and shadow pa*sing by his eyes, and when he fixed his eyes again, the doorway had been opened and the shadow of light had rushed straight out.

He subconsciously looked back, but where was Han Qianqian’s figure on the bed at that moment? But all that was left was a rotten bed and a few strips of cloth that Xia Wei had tied to his wounds cluttering the air.

“Holy sh*t, Han Qianqian ……,” said the astonished man.

Xia Wei also took a long time to slowly come back to her senses, but compared to the pierced mountain beetle, she was already considered good, because at this moment, the old man, presenting the in-situ forbidden posture, froze as if frozen in place, his eyes wide open.

He ……

What did he just see?

He could not help but wipe his old eyes, he really doubted if he had just seen wrong, he only saw a light suddenly brush away ah.

People ……

Can it be to such speed?

Or, an ordinary person who previously, like himself, had to rely on others to carry him when he flew?


Almost also in the moment when the three people were dazed, through the doorway of that not-so-large room, only to see the outside space in flames, strange light flashing wildly, driven by the terrifying thumping sound ……,

The three looked at each other, their mouths opened wide, and in the next second, almost simultaneously rushed towards the door ……