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His Destined Path Chapter 3087

Chapter 3087

When the three of them reached the doorway, their faces instantly turned colorful because of the mapping.

Inside the space, Han Qianqian’s coloured golden light flashed wildly, his hands clenched into fists, facing the tentacles that were re-attacking from all sides, grabbing one between his left hands, he blasted it straight through with a single punch.

The earth shook and the mountains shook, and a deep crater of nearly half a metre appeared where the tentacle had been hit.

The tentacle was pushed into the wall several metres deep.

Almost at the same time, four or five tentacles came under Han Qianqian’s feet, and one of them even wrapped itself around Han Qianqian’s right leg.

The three of them were so anxious that they cried out in alarm!

Han Qianqian’s face was expressionless as he directly wrapped one leg around, wrapping several tentacles around his own foot, and then lifted it violently.


The tentacle was directly uprooted, with only the end hidden in the earth spewing juice wildly.

“Is this guy …… so fierce?” The piercing beetle’s eyes were straightened as he watched, he even vaguely felt that Han Qianqian at this moment was even more fierce than he had been in his previous heyday.

Xia Wei needless to say, this was the first time she had seen Han Qianqian truly display his skills.

He was outrageously handsome!

Not only was he handsome, but he was also so handsome that his moves and movements were simply unbelievable. If Xia Wei had been attracted to Han Qianqian earlier because he was good-looking and had a rather elegant style, then now, Xia Wei was not just attracted to Han Qianqian, but a young girl who was deeply attracted to Han Qianqian’s domineering and outward-looking style, and was madly infatuated.

“sh*t, is this really that gongzi just now? Apart from being young, old …… old man doesn’t feel that there’s any difference between him and old man, huh?” The old man on the side, at this point, was also completely dumbfounded.

Or perhaps, is this gongzi in front of him still human again? He was obviously dying just a moment ago, perhaps even before himself. But this is again in a flash alive and invincible.

“It’s good to be …… young.” The old man muttered.

Inside the space, several tentacles were cut one after another, and that old female insect seemed to be enraged, new hatred added to old hatred, instantly igniting a fury.

All that could be heard was a sudden strange cry in the cave, and in the next second, a rustling sound suddenly came from within those holes in the ground, not waiting for the crowd to have any reaction.

Suddenly, countless bloodworms like giant pythons burst out directly from the holes and pounced madly on Han Qianqian.

Have you ever seen a snake like a fish underneath? I am afraid that this was the scene.

Even the three people watching, not to mention the people in the room, had their scalps tingling.

“Brother Qianqian, be careful!” Xia Wei shouted urgently.

Even at this moment, even the mountain beetle was sweating for Han Qianqian, because not only were there countless bloodworms coming from the sky, but there were also dozens of tentacles at the end of the hole.

How could one not be worried about the urgency of the situation?

However, Han Qianqian’s face did not show the slightest bit of fear, only a faint smile.


A red fire and a purple-blue lightning suddenly flew out from Han Qianqian’s left and right, fiercely attacking those bloodworms.

Countless bloodworms were turned into ashes in the fire, or trembled several times in the midst of the purple lightning, and eventually hollowed out, its scene was both tragic and incomparably spectacular.

The three men’s eyes were wide and their mouths slightly open as they watched.

But while they were marvelling at Han Qianqian’s epic performance, Han Qianqian did not make any more moves. A dozen or so tentacles reached towards Han Qianqian as quickly as if they were in no man’s land.

“What is Brother Qianqian doing?” Xia Wei was shocked and anxious, she did not understand why Han Qianqian was not moving.

Could it be that the seal of the earth had been triggered again?

The pangolin also looked bewildered, not knowing what he was up to.


Almost like before, a dozen tentacles fiercely wrapped around Han Qianqian, trapping him in a deadly trap.

But what was different from before was that this time, Han Qianqian’s mouth reappeared with the same smile, or to be precise, a cold smile.

The next second, the tentacles renewed their force and attempted to drag Han Qianqian into the hole in the ground, and Han Qianqian also moved, accompanied by the entire ground shaking wildly.

The three of them suddenly understood ……

“He …… he’s going to… going to …… pull that old mother worm out ……? “