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His Destined Path Chapter 3089

Chapter 3089

There was a loud explosion, then a flash of silver light, and the tentacles that had been wrapped around Han Qianqian’s body for several turns suddenly broke apart, spewing green liquid and sending limbs flying in all directions.

The jade sword, which had been inserted in the innermost part of the body, was cut open by Han Qianqian’s cross-handed sword.

In the next second, Han Qianqian moved, grabbed the broken main tentacle and shouted coldly, “Get out of here!”


A huge white nymph was pulled out of the earth, half of its body fell on top of the pit and was stuck there.

The tentacles of the other pits, too, were pulled back from their original positions as the body was pulled, leaving only the pits still cluttering the mud!

Looking at the old mother of the earthworm that had been pulled straight out, with countless tentacles either fluttering with difficulty outside or buried in the mud, the three men were utterly dumbfounded.

Words could not describe the old man’s shock in particular.

After all, this Old Mother Earthworm was, to him, really the devil of the earth in this neighbourhood. Normally when it was active, it was too late to hide, so who would dare to take the initiative to provoke it?

But now, it was such a terrifying devil in the earth that was dragged out in such a humiliating manner and collapsed in such a position in the pit by this young man in front of him, who he considered himself to be almost as good as himself.

This is simply ……

It was like turning the old man’s life’s perceptions upside down.

“This his grandmother.”



The white silkworm chrysalis that had been pulled out and fallen to the ground gave a strange cry, and immediately afterwards, the three of them only heard a strange sound in the ground, and in the next second, as the earth wall shattered, six bloodworms that were incomparably huge like a moron beard suddenly rushed to attack.

With such huge bodies, even if they opened their mouths, they could swallow Han Qianqian whole.


At almost the same time, Han Qianqian’s eight golden bodies opened up and almost simultaneously cut his sword in his hand, and the heads of the six bloodworms fell to the ground, leaving only their bodies still rolling in the earth in pain.

The old man’s words, “These are the six guardians, be careful, only after saying the word six, everything, the dust has already settled.

It was so fast that one’s eyes were dazzled, and so fast that one’s scalp tingled.

“Hey, it’s not good to mess with anyone, you have to mess with this guy.” Seeing that the situation had been controlled, the piercing beetle, while shocked, looked at the old mother insect and shook his head helplessly.

Still talking about the old mother, you, ah, are still too young to mess with something that you shouldn’t mess with.

The words just fell, the old mother insect seems to be unwilling, another strange sound inside the body, trying to re-extend the tentacles, only just to raise, already a sword chopped down, several tentacles should fall to the ground, suddenly like a crab suddenly without claws.

With another struggle, a foot was already up in the air, and only a muffled sound was heard.

The huge old mother worm pushed the thick earth backwards by nearly half a metre!

A huge hole was revealed above the chrysalis, and not far from the white mark beside this hole, countless brown liquid flowed out in the process.

“Don’t you want to eat me?” Han Qianqian smiled coldly and looked at the old female insect indifferently.

If the Han Qianqian before was almost a duck without fur in its eyes, then now, this old female insect was more like a toy that was being rubbed at will.

The tentacles were cut, and the giant bloodworm like a boa of the great protector just came out and said goodbye.

Even the countless serpent-like bloodworm soldiers were now being defended against and turned to dust by the barrier supported by the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel.

What was left of it?

With a whimper, the old female insect, even without intelligence, knew that the momentum was over and struggled to crawl back into the hole to try to escape.

But how could Han Qianqian give him this chance?

The next second, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel flew down, wrapping around the sword and piercing the old female insect’s white mark with a red and blue light.

The blood insects, who were without the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, were about to come in desperately when they saw Han Qianqian’s body suddenly glowing brightly, and then the light turned into qi and dispersed, turning the insects around Han Qianqian’s body into pieces.

The three of them were dumbfounded on the spot!

However, at that moment, the old man suddenly reflected something and looked back at the big female worm, shouting sharply, “No!”


With a sharp sound, the jade sword with the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel had already pierced directly into the white mark, penetrating into its body.

And next, a huge red light reflected in the old man’s panicked eyes and swelled up ……