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His Destined Path Chapter 3090

Chapter 3090

The three of them returned their eyes, and at that moment, they only saw that the jade sword pierced into the seal, and suddenly a blood-red light erupted, blindingly bright.

“Curse of Blood, this is the Curse of Blood.” The old man shouted in a panic, “Confused, you are simply confused, go back to the house, go back to the house, go back to the house quickly.”

“In just a few moments, millions of bloodworms will arrive quickly on the land of extreme snow.

One chopstick is easy to break and two are hard to break, let alone the endless number of bloodworms.

When they heard this, the mountain beetle and Xia Wei hurriedly let Han Qianqian enter the house, but Han Qianqian smiled, kicked the door directly to close, and then an energy hit the door in his hand to lock it.

The door was locked.

Then, Han Qianqian leaned slightly against the wall and waited for the so-called thousands of bloodworms.

At this time, the three people who were directly inside the house were a bit dumbfounded, and tried to pull open the door in a panic, but the door that Han Qianqian had sealed with his energy, how could they open it?

The old man let out a long sigh, “Hey, young man, really do not know how high the sky is, this injury has not yet finished healing, then …… is so arrogant, I really do not know what to say to him.”

After saying that, he got up, went back to the table, poured himself a gla*s of water before drinking it down in a depressed manner.

“Old senior, this bloodworm revenge, just how powerful is it? I see that three thousand he can even directly ravage that old female worm at will, it shouldn’t be much of a problem, right?” Xia Wei worriedly walked over and asked tentatively.

The piercing beetle also nodded and followed.

The old man raised his eyes and glanced at the two, shaking his head helplessly, “Yes, Sir Han’s ability is indeed beyond my imagination, I originally thought he was an ordinary person, but how could I have known that he could …… be as powerful as this.”

“But you must also know that the strange and weird things in this world are thousands and thousands, and although this blood worm does not seem to have any attacking power, it is actually ……”

“It’s as terrifying as that.”

“Once the mother insect is killed, to them it is like exterminating their ancestors, all the bloodworms will desperately go into a frenzied attack mode, even more formidable than that enraged bee swarm.”

“Plus their numbers are huge, if they don’t die without mercy ……”

Speaking of this, he let out a long sigh, “They will not stop until after they have killed their target, and then use its body to reshape a new Old Mother Earthworm.”

“Why don’t we find a way to help him.” Xavier looked over at the Wearing Beetle.

The Mountain Piercing Beetle was hesitating, after all, he had to consider Xia Wei’s safety, but the old man waved his hand, “Since he has to deal with the bloodworm’s revenge on his own, then let him go.”

“Let alone the fact that he is your friend, even if he is a relative or a brother in law, what can be done?”

“Old Elder, what do you mean by that?” Xia Wei asked with a strange frown.

The old man smiled, “There are many, we all describe them as thousands, even millions, but that is just an adjective.” The old man shook his head with great bitterness, “Or perhaps the numbers were all pa*sed from the previous people to others, and others to the next generation, and could not withstand the number of Zhouzhi years to the present day.”

“Old man means that the millions of bars you planted in your mouth before are only the quantities pa*sed down from other people’s mouths decades ago, or hundreds or even thousands of years ago?” The pierced beetle wondered.

The old man nodded, “Since yes, just as I also know the number of millions of these bloodworms from the mouth of others. But who knows from whom this legend has been pa*sed down from how many years ago?”

The two men were dumbfounded by these words, that is to say, if this is a legend from ten thousand years ago, then it has been pa*sed down to this day, these bloodworms have been bred and grown for ten thousand years, and their number could be the original number?

The number of bloodworms today has either increased exponentially, or several times, or even a hundred times ……

The elephant may be able to crush an ant at will, but with thousands and tens of billions of ants, what is the significance of the elephant?

“Three thousand!”

Thinking of this, the two leaned back to look at the door and muttered a worried ……