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His Destined Path Chapter 3093

Chapter‎ 3093


Through the barrier, the fiery red sky fire, glowing blue, rushed out like a shadow of light.


As soon as the heavenly fire pa*sed through, the sea of blood was instantly like petrol being thrown on fire, and as the very centre burst into a frenzy, the flames jumped up and down with the speed of lightning, and in just a few moments, the huge amount of bloodworms stuck in the barrier were instantly reduced to ashes.

You and other mole crickets were reduced to ashes in an instant, at this point, but as much as possible.

“Heavenly Fire, over there.”

Han Qianqian’s thoughts moved slightly, and almost as soon as his eyes reached the other side, Heavenly Fire had already fiercely turned into a stream of light and attacked frantically.


Another side of the blood river was set alight, the intense heat instantly turning the bloodworms into ashes and going all the way deeper with the source.

If anyone could have peered into the heavens and the earth, they would have seen the blazing fires in the various pa*sages winding through the earth like veins, like a fierce tiger out of its cage, raging wildly.

Throughout the underground pa*sages, flames raged.

Above the ground, even if the land of extreme snow, falling ice several meters, but at this moment in the ground under the roasting of the flame, but also by the bottom melted, the snow collapsed, the snow piled up the horizon hard was pulled down nearly half a meter high.

Suddenly everything became incomparably quiet.

The three people in the inner room suddenly heard the sound of the gurgling water fade away, and everything around them seemed to have fallen into the ghostly silence of the deep night, without any life.

“What is this?” Xia Wei said with great concern.

He was at a loss as to what was going on outside that was so peaceful in a matter of moments.

“Could it be that it’s all over?” The old man raised his head slightly and looked towards the door with a frown of worry on his face.

“Is it over? That three thousand brother ……” Xia Wei somehow had a vaguely unsettling feeling of foreboding.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Suddenly, at this very moment, there was movement from the door of the room, and the three were startled, shaking their eyes and looking at the door, which was open.

Then, as the three held their breath, a figure slowly walked in.

“Three thousand, it’s three thousand.” Piercing the mountain beetle shouted in standing excitement as he saw the figure clearly.

Xia Wei also saw clearly, and her worried face was both surprised and delighted, and there were even hidden tears in her eyes, and the next second, she got up and ran towards Han Qianqian.

Without waiting for Han Qianqian’s reaction, she already jumped into Han Qianqian’s arms and cried, “I thought brother Qianqian couldn’t come back, woo …….”

Han Qianqian’s hand was slightly in the air, not reaching out, smiled, and said, “How could that be?”

The two of them subconsciously looked towards the door, and at once the two were dumbfounded and looked at each other as if they had seen a ghost “Where are those …… bloodworms?”

At this point in the pit, where are the bloodworms?

It was just a barren place.

If I had to say that there is any change, then I’m afraid the biggest change is that the walls of the pit have layers of darkness, and the soil has been scorched by the fire and dried up.

Added to this, there are the holes in the ground dug by the tentacles resting peacefully and wearily, as if to tell the story of how tragic this place once was.

“He …… he’s made it?” The old man’s eyes widened, clearly having trouble believing what was before him.

That was an endless number of blood worms, like a river or an ocean.

How could he have done it when he was just a mere man?

The Mountain Piercing Beetle was equally shocked, even though he had long seen Han Qianqian do all sorts of things against the odds, but every time he always seemed to be able to create greater impossibilities in different ways.

But when he thought about it, a smile appeared on his face, what was so difficult to accept?

That’s Han 3,000.

Thinking of this, the Mountain Piercing Armor patted the old man’s shoulder and smiled slightly, “It seems that it is really over.”

After saying that, the Mountain Piercing Armor turned towards Han Qianqian, his eyes full of joy.

“Well done.”

At this moment, Han Qianqian also gently finished comforting Xia Wei and looked back at the Mountain Piercing Armor that came over, a smile indicating everything.

However, just as the two were smiling at each other and the atmosphere was perfect, a miserable low cry rang out inappropriately.

The two looked towards Xia Wei, who had long since dried her tears and looked at them with a smile, and then looked for the sound, but saw that the cries were coming from the direction of the door.

The old man was slumped by the door at the moment, and for some reason, he was sobbing in pain ……