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His Destined Path Chapter 3092

Chapter 3092


With a loud muffled sound, the entire earth wall completely fell apart, and a torrent of blood followed, pouncing on the sky.

Han Qianqian’s eyes gathered and he frowned slightly, this was not a torrent of blood at all, but just an endless number of bloodworms in groups.

With a slight movement in his hand, he leapt up directly, and an energy barrier was placed directly in front of his hand to ward off the torrent. At the same time, the walls on either side of him broke apart, and several streams of blood rushed out.

Even though Han Qianqian hurriedly used his other hand to turn the screen into a shield to resist, but there were spurts from several places on both the left and the right, and several of them landed directly on his hand.

Almost as soon as the blood water hit his hand, the blood water squirmed rapidly, and when he looked at it, he saw that there were at least a dozen blood rushes intertwined with each other in the palm-sized pool of blood water.

They were almost frantic and desperate, even though their tiny fleshy mouths had no teeth at all, they were still biting madly, or trying desperately to burrow into Han Qianqian’s skin like earth.

Even Han Qianqian’s skin, which was covered in blood and water, felt hot and painful at this moment.

This thing was really powerful!

Although the damage caused by this tiny drop, not to mention Han Qianqian, was within the range of an ordinary person, what if it was a lot?

A drop of water could still penetrate a stone, and with this sea of blood, the damage caused would not be as simple as it was right now.

With a slight movement of energy, his internal qi dispersed from within, directly bouncing the blood water off his hands, but even so, the area covered by Han Qianqian’s blood water was red, and drops of blood water even penetrated through his skin.

D*mn, just a small blow like that was actually so serious.


The barrier formed by the two hands was nearly a metre high, reaching down to the ground and up to the top of the “rubber cement”, but the blood water had already filled it up directly, and a continuous stream of blood water was coming towards the barrier, and the immense thrust made even as strong as Han Qianqian, who had his hands slightly back at this point, squeezed to death in the middle of the two barriers.

The barrier had to be broken.

Otherwise, even if he wasn’t consumed by these bloodworms crawling all over his body, he would be squeezed to death alive by his own barrier.

With a faint gaze in his eyes, Han Qianqian was not worried, and even had a hint of excitement in his eyes.

“It’s only good to be strong, just in time to try.” As Han Qianqian’s words fell, his hands suddenly moved and the Heavenly Flame rea*sembled.

However, the usual scene of the heavenly fire and moon wheel coming out together, but at this moment, only the heavenly fire remained in his hand, it was blossoming with a fiery red light, pulsating slightly at all times, ready to be launched at the command of a single shot.

“Take you, do a test.” Looking at the Heavenly Flame, Han Qianqian’s eyes showed the slightest hint of excitement.

The next second, his hands made a strange gesture in the air, and then his mouth even silently recited a mantra that was difficult for people to understand.

Almost at that moment, the fiery red sky fire began to slowly turn into a bright red colour like blood, and the whole shape of the fire gathered into a ball of fire like the sun.

The entire space was completely illuminated by the heavenly fire, crimson and red like an inferno of blood.


Suddenly, a burning crunching sound exploded violently from the fireball, and the entire fireball formed by the celestial fire was also like the molten lava at the edge of the sun, slowly in eruption.

Subsequently, under Han Qianqian’s continuous chanting, these flaming reds burned brighter and brighter until the entire ball of fire began to appear a faint blue color.

The temperature of the entire space also began to rise steeply!

If someone who knew about fire was here at this time, they would definitely notice that the blue colour in the fire red of the heavenly fire at this time was exactly the blue of the heavenly fire ……

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the book.

Although there were many parts of the Phoenix Heart Sutra that Han Qianqian could not understand, for those that he could understand, Han Qianqian did not pay any attention to them, reading them back and forth several times, and at the same time, he used some of his own knowledge to parse them, so that he could understand them more easily.

Originally, Han Qianqian’s power was limited, so he didn’t know when he would be able to turn this understanding into practical operation, but who would have thought that the peak would turn around and now was the best opportunity?

“Now, it’s up to you to perform.” Looking at the Heavenly Fire floating slightly in his hand, Han Qianqian revealed a smile, and with a movement in his hand, the Heavenly Fire immediately flew straight out ……