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His Destined Path Chapter 3097

Chapter 3097

Then, just like earlier, he spat out all the chewed up green plants.

Even though they had already seen it before, the two of them were disgusted to see the rotten green plants mixed with saliva again.

Han Qianqian did not have any reaction, but only carefully watched the old man’s every move, afraid of missing any details.

Seeing Han Qianqian’s seriousness, the old man was quite pleased. He then picked up half of the Flame Pill on the table and put it into the green plant in front of Han Qianqian, finally cutting a small slit in the tiny fish and stuffing it in.

Then he repeated the same trick and quickly stuffed the other two halves of the Flame Dan into the other two pieces of fish meat as he had done.

The flesh was small and it was naturally a delicate job to stuff them in, but the old man did it extremely well.

After getting the three pieces of fish done, the old man once again placed them in front of the three, in a slight gesture of invitation, gesturing for the three to try them.

Xia Wei and Pierced Mountain Vest looked at each other with a difficult expression on their faces, the preparation process was really a bit disgusting, and it was difficult to swallow if they wanted to taste it.

Han Qianqian, on the other hand, picked up the fish on the table and stuffed it into his mouth without thinking about it.

Xia Wei and the mountain beetle looked anxious, but when they shouted again, it was already too late.

Once the fish was in his mouth, Han Qianqian’s tightly locked brow became even tighter.

The taste of the flaming pills had almost completely disappeared, or rather, it was completely covered by the green plant in his mouth, which was somewhat numbing and even a bit harsh to the tongue.

Seeing Han Qianqian’s frown, Xia Wei and the piercing beetle, who didn’t want to eat it in the first place, frowned even more tightly at this point, making it difficult to eat.

However, when they hesitated, Han Qianqian revealed a smile and looked at them, gesturing for them to eat it.

The two of them gave a very difficult “ah”, but in the end, they could only put the food into their mouths under Han Qianqian’s “attention”.

Once in their mouths, the two of them clearly looked as if they were in pain, as if the pain was going to kill them.

But the next second, the two of them almost simultaneously frowned, and then looked at each other, their eyes fiercely surprised.

Han Qianqian couldn’t help but smile, the two people’s reflection was obviously what he had expected.

“How strange.” Xia Wei opened her mouth first.

The pangolin also had a very shocked face, “I suddenly feel very hot.”

“That’s right.” Han Qianqian nodded, and after chewing it carefully, unlike before, this time, the warmth still emanated from the stomach to the whole body, but compared to last time, one could only say that if that was only a warmth just now, then this was now a molten lava that was fiery red to the tune of ten million degrees.

It was so hot, it was so hot.

It was like being thrown into the middle of a volcano.

“Oh my god, how can it be so hot, it’s like my whole body has been set on fire.” Xia Wei said incredulously, a stunningly beautiful face was by now full of flaming red.

The pangolin was no better, as if it had been suddenly doused with countless chili peppers, the breath coming out of his nose was like water steam from boiling water: “sh*t, it’s really hot, I want to take off my clothes, old man, can you turn off that fireplace of yours? I can’t stand the heat anymore.”

The old man just laughed at his words and looked at Han Qianqian with a deep sense of meaning, waiting for Han Qianqian’s reply.

Han Qianqian shook his head with a bitter smile, no wonder he had been extremely anaemic at first but had suddenly been replenished with blood, and now, the mystery was finally revealed.

It was this fish and this strange green plant.

“A treasure, a treasure, a treasure indeed.” Han Qianqian laughed, “I only blame myself for being foolish at first and not knowing about it, I’m ashamed to say.”

“Haha!” The old man laughed aloud, “Those who do not know are naturally blameless.”

“Old Han, how is that baby?” The pangolin said incomprehensibly.

Han Qianqian smiled, “It’s a treasure pot, don’t you know?”

“A treasure pot?”

“En, planting a gold nugget gets you a bunch of gold nuggets, planting a woman you get a bunch of wives in a pot of gathering treasure.” Han Qianqian teased.

The pangolin froze, and it wasn’t clear whether the b*****d froze when he heard about the feature or froze when he heard that he could get a bunch of wives.

“How about it? This big gift, do you like it?” The old man ignored the pierced mountain armor and looked at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian naturally nodded his head, at this time, the old man slowly stood up ……