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His Destined Path Chapter 3098

Chapter 3098

Then he waved at Han Qianqian and got up to walk towards his fireplace.

Han Qianqian hurriedly followed him, and then the four of them reached the fireplace.

Next to the fireplace, there was a small wooden cabinet, about half the old man’s height, with a dusty exterior, and placed in a corner, so that if one did not look closely, it would be difficult for a normal person to notice.

You could say it was a mound of clay and no one would seem to doubt it.

He gently patted the dust off it, causing half the room to be filled with dust for a while, and then, with the sound of creaking wood, the cupboard was opened by him.

When the cupboard was opened, about half a chest of dry green plants lay peacefully inside.

“For the treasure bowl to move, you still need this. This is a special kind of thing from the Land of Extreme Snow, and although it has the appearance of gra*s, it is not actually gra*s.”

“Then what is this?” The pangolin asked.

The old man smiled gently and took out a dried green plant, then gently placed it in his hand and crushed it, lifting his hand up and placing it in front of the three men’s eyes.

It was crumbly, like powder.



The two of them, Piercing and Xavier, guessed.

“It’s fish eggs, isn’t it?” Han Qianqian asked.

“Fish eggs?”

Upon hearing this, Xia Wei and Pierced Mountain Armour almost simultaneously uttered in surprise, their eyes widening at the same time to look at the powder in the old man’s hand.

It was as fine as sand, and the particles were so small that it was extremely hard to say sand, let alone relate it to fish eggs.

The moonlight ghost fish was so big, how could the fish eggs be so small? And even for a very small species of fish, the eggs it produces are not so laughable.

“You’re right.”

But at that moment, the old man looked at Han Qianqian and nodded with a smile, approving of Han Qianqian’s statement.

The two men were instantly shocked and exclaimed, “Is this really a fish egg?”

The old man nodded, and the two of them, Xia Wei and the piercing beetle, immediately looked at Han Qianqian in wonder, really not understanding how on earth this fellow Han Qianqian had connected these things to fish eggs.

Han Qianqian smiled, obviously, it was indeed a guess, but a well-founded one.

The old man had said that there were only two kinds of creatures in this Land of Extreme Snow, one was the bloodworm and the other was the moonlight ghost fish, and this extra plant would have been suspicious.

Secondly, a place that is enclosed, as this Land of Extreme Snow is, must have its corresponding ecosystem if it is to last.

This is the key to the formation of an area.

“If my guess is correct, these fish eggs, at the same time, are also food for those bloodworms, right?” Han Qianqian said.

The old man smiled again and nodded, “Sir Han is dang smart, indeed.”

Han Qianqian smiled, “Then that’s right.”

The moonlight ghost fish fed on bloodworms, so the old man could use the bloodworms to catch the moonlight ghost fish.

But what did the bloodworms rely on to survive? This land of extreme snow was the only creature left, the Moonlight Ghostfish.

This reminded Han Qianqian of the former Snake Island above the Earth.

Almost every inch of the island was covered with snakes, and almost nothing could live there except for snakes, and only the occasional seabird that skimmed the island made a temporary stop, but this did not provide enough food for the expanding snakes.

However, the snakes have survived and expanded because of one other creature on the island, the rat.

The rats, whose natural predator is the snake, are also food for the snakes and provide the necessary energy for them to grow.

Despite this, however, the rats have not become extinct on the island, and their numbers are gradually expanding.

The reason for this is that although the snakes feed on the rats, the rats also take advantage of the snakes’ hibernation to use them as food, forming an ecological chain between the two that keeps the island thriving.

Isn’t this land of extreme snow just like that snake island?

The fact that the bloodworms are eaten by the moonlight ghost fish and yet the bloodworm clan still thrives means that the bloodworms must also feed on the moonlight ghost fish.

If the big ones don’t work, the small ones will, right?

This was the root of Han Qianqian’s guess that these were fish eggs, and that they were still the food of the bloodworms.

“Even, I understand one more thing.” Han Qianqian suddenly looked up at the old man.

Like two bewildered rattles, Xia Wei and the piercing beetle moved their gazes, which had been placed on Han Qianqian’s, to the old man at the same time as he looked at the old man.

The old man smiled faintly, “Oh? What is it?”