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His Destined Path Chapter 3099

Chapter 3099

Han Qianqian smiled, and with a movement in his hand, he took out a green plant from the wooden cabinet, and while putting it into the water to soak, he crouched down on the ground with a slight body.

He grabbed a handful of earth from the ground, mixed it with some water, took out the green plant and then grabbed the dumbfounded pangolin.

A gash appeared on his hand, followed by a slow flow of blood.

The pangolin was about to curse, but Han Qianqian did not panic, took out the soaked green gra*s, and pounded it directly with a movement of true energy in his hand, then took the blood from the pangolin’s hand, and lifted his hand to take some fish meat from the table far away, kneaded it slightly, and then put it into the soil mixed with water.

After a few stirrings, the water and the earth were mixed and became a clay lump.

This is when Xia Wei suddenly realized that this small piece of clay, despite its small size, always felt like a bit of déjà vu.

“Isn’t this …… the same play-doh that’s out there?” Xia Wei suddenly remembered exactly what this thing resembled and said in a startled voice.

The actual fact is that the actual person is not the same as the actual person.

He looked up strangely at Han Qianqian, really struggling to understand.

The old man, however, smiled lightly and applauded, “It’s true that heroes emerge from the past, Mr. Han, not only are you good-looking and highly skilled, but your mind is also really something.”

“No wonder there are such beautiful girls following you around.”

Hearing this, Xia Wei froze, after which she blushed slightly and lowered her head, quietly glancing at Han Qianqian from the corner of her eyes.

“That’s right, this is the method and steps for making the piece of blood clay outside, the so-called rubber clay as you call it.” The old man smiled and nodded his head.

When Fang chewed on the fish with the blazing fire dan, the taste of the blazing fire dan was completely replaced by this green plant-like taste of fish eggs, so that meant it was a more potent food.

The blood can be put in the fish egg and fish meat for catalysis, so, by doing so, the blood will become extremely abundant, plus the taste of the fish egg, which naturally attracts that blood worm.

The mixture of mud and water, on the other hand, will make the earth hard, so it will become a very important barrier while attracting the arrival of the bloodworm.

So, it is hard like stone, but not stone. It helps the old man catch the bloodworms, but at the same time acts as a bottle stopper, sealing the gap for him when the extreme snow comes.

As expected, everything lives with all kinds of wisdom, and this was not wrong.

Hearing Han Qianqian’s explanation, the Mountain Piercing Beetle and Xia Wei were completely frozen, and only after a moment did they clam up and figure out the principle of it.

The pangolin looked at Han Qianqian in admiration, he had understood everything in just a few simple moments, he was simply a genius. Xia Wei’s eyes were not only impressed but also shining with layers of stars.

She found that the more she got in touch with Han Qianqian, the more he seemed to give her endless surprises.

“However, although there are these fish eggs, but just now you guys also said that these fish eggs have to be combined with fish meat to be effective, but now …… fish meat ……” Xia Wei muttered.

The pangolin also nodded vigorously, “Yeah.”

If there are no fish eggs, what’s the use of talking coincidentally?

Han Qianqian, however, didn’t have that kind of worry and just looked at the old man indifferently; he believed that things were never that simple.

When the old man saw that Han Qianqian kept looking at himself, he sighed and nodded, “You guys are right, the fish is gone, but it’s precisely because the fish is gone that I’ve brought you to see these.”

Hearing these words, Xia Wei and the pierced beetle looked at the old man with their heads full of fog, rather like listening to a gentleman’s words, this is not talking nonsense.

Only Han Qianqian, smiled faintly, “Does old senior mean that he wants to do something big?”