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His Destined Path Chapter 3103

Chapter 3103

The three of them immediately looked back, only to see that by now the old man had drilled an extremely small eye in the ice with those tools of his, about several times thinner than a pinky finger.

“This hole eye ……,” said Xavier, puzzled.

“Oh, this is a unique kind of fish chasing technique that can check the fish in the water, even if the water is a hundred meters deep. However, it’s all a few carvings.” The old man laughed.

“Wow, you can determine a hundred metres underwater with just an eye this small? So amazing? But, this eye is so small that you can’t see anything.” Xia Wei C*cked her little head, but found that the eye, not to mention seeing the water, could not see clearly at all even if it went in a little.

“A place has a unique survival technique for a place’s people, this is the wisdom of people.” Han Qianqian smiled, looked at the old man, and said, “Is this the place where the most moonlight ghost fish gather underneath?”

The old man nodded, “If I’m correct, it is.”

“Then this location will be chosen.”

With those words, Han Qianqian slightly flew out of the energy shield directly while the coloured golden light on his own body also supported a protective shield for him again at the same time, and when he reached a small mid-air, he raised his left hand and the heavenly fire was born.

“Get out of the way.” As soon as the words fell, waiting for the three people to give way slightly, Han Qianqian held the Heavenly Fire and pressed down directly.

The fire burned, and the Heavenly Fire took shape like a giant red spear, aiming at the ice eye and breaking through it.


Although the ice was solid, the fire lance was so fierce that in just a few moments, the hard ice melted away and a crater about a metre in diameter was instantly formed.

The ice was nearly two metres deep, and the layers were so tightly frozen that they exuded a chilling aura, yet on the outside they looked like stone.

If it were normal to cut through such a layer of ice, I am afraid that ordinary people would not even think about it, but in Han Qianqian’s hands, it was like clay.

In the middle of the ice layer, under a circle of ice one metre in diameter, the lake spring was clearly visible.

The water was black and blue and visibility was extremely low.

Retracting the Heavenly Flame, Han Qianqian dropped to the ground, looked slightly at the old man, and said softly, “What next?”

“In ancient times, there was the killing of chickens to make an example of monkeys, now, the two of you and I will have some fun killing fish eggs for fish.” The old man laughed and continued, “I have been alone for almost half of my life, but it is interesting to have the memory of doing this hand in hand with you.”

With these words, Han Qianqian had already moved his hand and grabbed a lot of spring water in the air with his real energy.

The spring water was cold, and although it was not frozen, it was obviously no colder than ice.

The old man took out the dried green fish egg that he had prepared earlier and threw it to Han Qianqian. After receiving the fish egg, Han Qianqian moved his hand again and blasted a depression in the ground, put the ice water linglong into it and then put the fish egg into the water again.

Once she saw such an operation, Xia Wei was worried beyond belief and said, “This water is so cold, even we, I’m afraid, will be instantly frostbitten, won’t we be frozen to death if we put this fish egg in?”

The old man smiled, “One side of the water is the same as the other, you don’t have to worry.”

With those words, the old man looked up at Han Qianqian and nodded at him, signalling that he could start.

“Wearing the mountain beetle, take care of them.” Han Qianqian admonished, and with a movement of his hand, he fished out a bundle of green plant fish eggs that had soaked in the water and threw them into the lake in the pit.

Strangely enough, the soaked green plant quickly regained its vitality, and as it entered the larger ice spring, many water bubbles rose on the surface of those green plants.

“Han Gongzi, do it.” The old man shouted sharply.

Han Qianqian was not idle either, and with a flip of his hand, the Heavenly Flame instantly rolled in his palm.

In the next second, as Han Qianqian struck, the Heavenly Flame originally attacked and rushed directly towards those green plants floating on the surface of the water.

“Bo bo bo bo!”

Surprised by the high temperature, the water bubbles on those green plants instantly burst wildly, and a yellowish liquid even flowed out from them, spreading down the water.

At this moment, the old man, looking up at Han Qianqian, his face also turned unusually serious.

“They’re coming.”