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His Destined Path Chapter 3104

Chapter 3104

Almost as soon as the old man’s words fell, a sound of water moving could be faintly heard beneath the layers of thick ice, and although it was unusually subtle, it was perfectly adequate for a person with divine sense like Han Qianqian.

“Be careful.” Han Qianqian admonished, and then coloured golden light once again flowed around his body, ready to deal with the enemy at any time.

“You should also be careful, although the moonlight ghost fish will die quickly when exposed to water, the huge mouth of a catfish should never be underestimated.” The old man said with concern.

Han Qianqian nodded his head, even a small non-aggressive bloodworm became extremely fierce under the rage, not to mention the fierce moonlight ghost fish, so how could he be careless?



Suddenly, a huge water bubble emerged from the water in the ice cave, followed by a strange rumbling sound, and even the ice beneath his feet began to tremble slightly.

“So fierce?”

Han Qianqian smiled faintly and quietly watched the bubbling water.



The water sounded loudly, and several times at the same time, several black shadows burst out directly from the surface of the water and pounced fiercely on Han Qianqian.

Even though Han Qianqian had been prepared and subconsciously used his jade sword to directly resist, he obviously still did not anticipate the ferocious impact of these moonlight ghost fish in their fury.

Although the sword was directly above the fish’s steel teeth, the tremendous impact still caused Han Qianqian to stagger backwards two or three steps on the ice.

How many people in the world could have knocked Han Qianqian back several steps when he was prepared?

Moreover, at this point in time, there were only three moonlight ghost fish that were about a meter long.

With a slight shock in his heart, Han Qianqian flung his jade sword in his hand and immediately threw the three moonlight ghost fish onto the ice surface, just as the old man had said, this kind of deep-water fierce fish would die almost as soon as they were exposed to water, and they only struggled on the ice surface for a few times before slowly losing their signs of life.

“sh*t, that’s it?” After watching this series of operations, the piercing beetle was bored.

With these base manipulations, not to mention Han Qianqian, even he would definitely not have the slightest problem on the field ah.

The old man smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, just looked blandly at Han Qianqian there.


This time, Han Qianqian not only did not choose to resist, but also absorbed the lessons learned from the previous attack, and simply dodged sideways before adding a sword to their backs in the air.

The moonlight ghost fish that had been slashed soon lost all trace of life after a pile of blood had been spilled on their faces, while those that had not been slashed were still on the ground, biting the air with their mouths open, before gradually dying.

In the blink of an eye, nine moonlight ghost fish had perished here.

I can’t say it was easy or easy, but I’m not exaggerating when I say it wasn’t difficult at all.

The mountain beetle raised an eyebrow and let out a long breath: “Hey, how nervous you guys made it seem before you left, and made me think I had met some big enemy, but it turned out ……”

Xia Wei was also a bit worried, after all, before the trip, whether it was the old man or Han Qianqian, they all looked like they were facing a big enemy.

But now, it does look very easy, brother three thousand even did not even sweat to harvest nine.

However, she was not as arrogant as the pangolin, but on the contrary, she was even more cautious and said, “Old senior, anyway, Brother Three-thousand has nine fish at once, and these fish are big, so why don’t we go?”

Worried about Han Qianqian’s safety, Xia Wei was not greedy.

“What are you afraid of? If we get some more, we won’t be able to get them after this village.” The pangolin objected, “This thing is a treasure, it’s never a loss to get a little more.”

“But ……” Xia Wei wanted to say something, but she was more concerned about Han Qianqian’s safety than the treasure.

After all, Han Qianqian’s safety was more important compared to the baby.

Especially nowadays, there was no telling how long those phoenix blood could suppress the Seal of the Earth, and once it was delayed until the Seal of the Earth was re-activated, the situation would then change significantly.

After glancing at the piercing beetle who was trying to convince Xia Wei, and then at Xia Wei, the old man was smiling at that moment, “Don’t even argue.”

“Even if we wanted to leave, we wouldn’t be able to get away.”

As the words fell, the entire ice of the lake suddenly sank with a thud ……