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His Destined Path Chapter 3107

Chapter 3107


Sure enough, the giant fish opened its bloody mouth with a mighty bellow, as if the heavens and earth were shaking.


The huge ice surface began to shake slightly, as if there were countless creatures tumbling madly underneath it at once.

Han Qianqian frowned, and the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel instantly reappeared, then merged on top of the jade sword, ready to strike together with Han Qianqian.


Suddenly, the creature roared again in anger.


At the same time, the huge ice surface was lifted up and fell apart as it continued to rise.

Although Pangolin grabbed Xia Wei in time, the old man, who was completely incapable of jutsu, was unable to take care of himself and was about to be thrown out of the energy circle.

The old man was about to be thrown out of the circle of energy. The piercing beetle wanted to rush to save the old man, but at that moment, under the ice surface which was quite open, the huge lake was already visible.

“Oh no.” Han Qianqian frowned and let out a soft cry as he accelerated to save the old man.

But as soon as he turned around, the pillar of water erupting from the ice eye beneath his feet was already attacking him violently, and the mountainous giant fish behind him was also coming violently.

The wolf in front and the tiger behind, to save the old man in such a situation, not to say that it was as difficult as climbing to heaven, but definitely difficult.

“I don’t care about that.” As soon as he gritted his teeth, Han Qianqian ignored the danger behind him and the dragon-like pillar of water beneath him, and directly produced a true energy between one hand, directly shielding the old man and sending him back to the energy circle.

After that, the jade sword in his hand was flung, and the jade sword immediately caught the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel and flew straight down.

“Brush brush brush!”

As the jade sword pa*sed by, those fierce attacking moonlight ghost fish were instantly like mosquitoes being cut off, and with the thud of water, countless fish corpses smashed into the lake, staining a lake red while the safety of the three finally came into contact.

But before Han Qianqian could breathe a sigh of relief, he suddenly felt something strange beneath his feet, and when he looked down, he saw that the pillar of water suddenly rose up like a human hand and locked his feet in a deadly grip.

Han Qianqian wanted to struggle, but the column of water suddenly turned into ice and stuck Han Qianqian’s feet in it, not moving at all.

The three men, who had stabilised themselves, were surprised and worried when they saw the water pillar, but at that moment, an even more terrifying scene occurred.

Almost at the same time, the three men’s eyes widened collectively, as if they were frightened by something.

Even though they were facing each other, Han Qianqian could still feel from their gazes that a great danger was approaching behind him at that moment.

And that danger, Han Qianqian hardly needed to think about it, he knew that it was the giant fish behind him that was doing the trick.


A huge black shadow was slowly looming from behind him.

“Brother Three-thousand, be careful.” Standing in the energy shield, Xia Wei herself was safe, but her palms were sweating with anxiety because of the critical situation of Han Qianqian at this moment.

The mountain beetle also could not help but swallow, usually in the cheeky, or to Han Qianqian again at ease, but at this time he also had to for Han Qianqian pinch a cold sweat.

The old man, not to mention the old man, looked at Han Qianqian from his normal point of view and thought, there was no difference between him and a dead man.

Oh, no, I should say there was a difference.

Because a dead person still has a body, but Han Qianqian …… may not.

Han Qianqian teeth, the smell of blood awakening behind him also rose, so even at this time both feet were frozen dead, but still strong body reluctantly turned back, then quickly with the corner of the eye slightly glimpse of the situation behind him.

For a moment, even Han Qianqian, who had always been confident, was in a quandary.

The monster, with its bloody mouth wide open, had already reached less than half a metre behind Han Qianqian, its huge mouth fiercely open and its steel teeth exposed.

There was no way Han Qianqian would have a chance to dodge at this point ……