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His Destined Path Chapter 3108

Chapter 3108


And almost in the next second too, when the black shadow covered, when the steel teeth attacked fiercely, the blood-bowl like maw swallowed Han Qianqian directly as if he were a speck of dust.


Seeing this scene, Xia Wei was emotionally agitated and shouted long and loudly in pain.

The piercing beetle was also completely panicked, staring at the scene in front of him with disbelief.

The old man, a mere mortal, was even more dumbfounded and could hardly express ……

“No, don’t.” Xia Wei finished shouting, tears in his eyes non-stop, how could this be? Why would Brother San Qian …… end up like this ah.

He is very strong ah, he should not ……

It was myself who dragged him down.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he and the others weren’t capable, he wouldn’t have been distracted from protecting them, and he would have been even less likely to be caught by the pillar of water, and even …… less likely to be swallowed by that giant fish ……

Even more, they shouldn’t even have come here.

She knew that Han Qianqian wanted to come here to catch the fish because he was looking at the effect of the fish meat plus the fish eggs in play, so that he could reduce the output of his Phoenix blood.

However, if it was to be reduced in such a dangerous way, then she would rather lose more of her Phoenix Blood to him ah.

That kind of danger, she could bear it without Han Qianqian having to suffer this kind of ah.

“Blame me, blame me, it’s the old man who is useless.” The old man let out a bitter laugh and shook his head helplessly, “I’m already a weakling, how should I have the face to exist in the world? I should have died a long time ago.”

“Decades ago, even, Fang.”

“I should have been lying in that pit.”

“What people say is not wrong, the weak can only destroy themselves, otherwise, even if they live, they are just dragging others down.”

Looking at the two of them in such a low mood, the pierced beetle gritted its teeth and said sharply, “What are you two babbling about? What? Is Han Qianqian being swallowed into the mouth of that giant fish tantamount to death?”

“If you think so, then I can only say that you are too superficial and your understanding of Han Qianqian is too one-sided. For as long as I’ve known this guy, this guy has been synonymous with miracles in my heart.”

“This guy is a flying, all-powerful. How many times have I, like you all, thought this guy was done for, only to have this guy not only come out unscathed, but also show off like a dog with an extreme counter-kill.”

“Wasn’t that also the case with Bloodworm’s Revenge not long ago?”

“It was like that before, and it’s the same now.”

The words of the piercing beetle, very pa*sionate, very encouraging, but the old man and Xia Wei listened but did not have the slightest emotional fluctuation, in their eyes, the piercing beetle’s words maybe other times to say, must have its use.

But apparently ……

“Can you stop saying that?” Xia Wei looked at the mountain piercing beetle, tears crystal in her eyes, looking pitiful: “Three thousand brother has ……”

“He has been swallowed into the mouth by that giant fish, how …… is he …… still ……”

She couldn’t say any more and hid her face and cried out in pain.

The old man saw this, some disappointed look at the pierced mountain armor: “young man, before you nonsense open yellow talk is just, now Han Gongzi his life and death is not yet known, you want to say these big words will inevitably cause people annoyed, I advise you to put it away.”

“I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me?” The pangolin said with some resignation.

The old man laughed bitterly, “The fish’s teeth are like a hacksaw, and its skin is like a bronze wall.

“Now, Mr. Han was even swallowed directly into the fish’s belly, and the fish’s body was as thick as a mountain under the skin alone, so I ask you, how did he get out?”

After saying this, the old man helplessly looked away and let out a long sigh.

He wanted to explain but did not know how to speak. He obviously had to admit that the old man’s words were not without merit.

From the outside to the inside, even the skin could not be broken, so from the inside to the outside, in an even narrower space, it was obviously even more difficult to break through.

Moreover, there is such a thick layer of fish tissue in between.

If it were hard flesh, it would be even harder, but if it were soft flesh, it would be just as hard.

So, no matter how one looked at it, the old man’s words were deeply justified, and secondly, he was far more knowledgeable about this and familiar with the Moonlight Ghost Fish than he was.

Thinking of it in this way, even the only somewhat believable piercing mountain beetle at this time can’t help but sad from the heart, vaguely some despair.

And at this time the Han three thousand ……