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His Destined Path Chapter 3115

Chapter 3115

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian looked at the green juice on the ground.

Before, it had no reflection either, but since it was thrown into the green juice, it had moved.

It had also reflected, but after an axe strike from the Pan Gu Axe had spewed the b*****d Xiang, the green juice flowed out and it didn’t move again.

Everything seemed to be connected to those green juices.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian glanced at the little black stick in his hand, what the hell, he was already like this anyway, might as well treat a dead horse as a living one.

With this in mind, Han Qianqian wrapped his true energy around the little black stick and took it with him all the way to the ground, then dipped it directly into the green juice.

As expected, the green juice was soon bubbling with water, just like before.

And the little black stick that True Energy was controlling seemed to regain its vitality.


As the green juice exploded, the true energy controlled by Han Qianqian was immediately broken through, and the little black stick actually flew up again, just like before.

After a slight spin in the air, the creature redirected its gaze at Han Qianqian, seemingly ready to attack at any moment.

“D*mn you, you’re still coming?” Han Qianqian was so depressed that he was able to circle around, flying away from the Pan Gu Axe and standing in the air, followed by a grip in his hand, and the Pan Gu Axe was back in his hand.

Seeing the Pan Gu Axe, the little black stick obviously retreated slightly backwards a few meters, although there was no human expression, but its action already showed that this one had already been abashed.

Seeing it like that, Han Qianqian smiled faintly, his face couldn’t help but feel a little smug.

Grandma, playing with me, can you afford to play?

However, it seemed to feel Han Qianqian’s contemptuous and smug smile, the little black stick was also clearly provoked into anger, and suddenly a quickening attacked directly towards Han Qianqian.

“What the hell, are you really coming?” Han Qianqian shouted, very depressed.

However, he was not afraid, having found a way to deal with this guy, naturally, not only was he not the least bit panicked, but he was prepared and even flirted with the nature of every step.

This guy is not in a hurry to attack, every time he lets the little black stick is about to attack in front of him, using speed to suddenly pull away, and then when the person has not yet established his body, he raised the big axe and then directly cut.

The little black stick was really in a hurry to dodge, but when he looked back he realised that this guy had cut halfway and then retracted, clearly molesting the little black stick.

If the little black stick really had emotions like a human being, and could speak, he would have jumped onto the beam and cursed Han Qianqian, you despicable villain.

But Han Qianqian was not ashamed of himself, but kept on smiling.

He had even forgotten about the dangerous situation he was in today.

“You’re still funny.” Just when Han Qianqian was smug, at that moment, the voice of the demon dragon in his mind rang out.

Han Qianqian was stunned and rubbed his head awkwardly, slightly embarra*sed.

This little black stick really intrigued Han Qianqian, so for a while it also made Han Qianqian’s heart rise, forgetting that he was in danger.

“Alright, no more games.” Han Qianqian waved his hand, “I’ll go and put it to rest, and I’ll study it when I get out. You just don’t know how much fun this thing is.”

“Heh heh heh.” The Devil Dragon’s Soul couldn’t help but laugh, the laugh was deadpan and fixed, clearly not a simple laugh, but more like laughing at a big fool, “What did you call that thing just now?”


“Is there a problem? Is it, like, calling it a burning stick?”

“No problem, of course not.” The devil dragon gave a dismissive snort, “I came out to stop you, not to tell you that you’re in a dangerous situation, but to tell you ……”

“Hey, I don’t even f*cking know what to say about you.”

“……” Han Qianqian was depressed, “Miscellaneous this is, there is what to say ah.”

“Oh, I dare say what? I’m afraid you’re the only one in the world who would dare to play with it like a toy, and you have the nerve to ask me what I’m doing?”