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His Destined Path Chapter 3114

Chapter 3114

“I’ll f*ck you.”

As Han Qianqian shouted, the Pan Gu Axe also slashed down violently.


The little black stick wanted to turn and run, but how could it still be in time in such a close environment?

With a crisp ringing sound responding in time, the b*****d was also directly slashed by the axe and dazed, landing directly to the ground and smashing.

Han Qianqian smiled, and with a violent movement in his hand, he saved the little black stick in the air, and then regained it in his hand, and with a backhanded chop on the flesh wall, Han Qianqian collected his power and sat peacefully on the handle of the Pan Gu axe.

He looked at the black stick in his hand and saw that it was exactly the same as what he had just seen. He slightly carried a bit of Qi in his hand and walked around the little black stick, but was shocked to find that there was not even the slightest fluctuation of aura on it.

This is really strange.

One second, it was alive and fierce, and at the same time, it was as spiritual as a human being.

But in the blink of an eye, it was suddenly as good as useless.

This is too ridiculous, isn’t it?

“Playing dead?” Han Qianqian frowned slightly and was about to move it when he was shocked to find that a faint green liquid was oozing out of the end of the stick and dripping down little by little.

At a glance, it really did look a bit like a person who had been killed and was shedding the last bit of blood.

If it was an act of pretending to be dead, then Han Qianqian really had to compliment him, this little sample was quite good at acting, although he didn’t look human, the sh*t he did was even more refined than human.

“Alright, stop pretending, if you keep pretending, I’ll be rude.” Han Qianqian said, taking it and comparing it directly under the axe refinement.

However, after comparing it for half a day, the little black stick still did not reflect anything, which made Han Qianqian really a bit dumbfounded for a while, could it really be that it had been killed by the Pan Gu axe?

On second thought, it didn’t seem to rule out this possibility. Although the little black stick was quite strange, it was too much of a bully against the Pan Gu Axe, the king of all weapons.

Although the Pan Gu Axe is now almost as good as unopened, as the saying goes, a thin camel is bigger than a horse.

However, it was also because the Pan Gu Axe was in such a state and so bullyingly unique that Han Qianqian was able to have something to defeat him while not using any energy to avoid being absorbed by it.

“If you’re really dead, then fine, I’ll take you back into my storage space.” With those words, Han Qianqian raised his hand and was about to act.

But almost at that moment, the little black stick moved slightly, and although it was unusually subtle, it was long enough for Han Qianqian to catch it.

This b*****d was really playing dead.

However, the close encounter had obviously made Han Qianqian more curious about this thing than angry.

It was completely devoid of life characteristics, so it was not even worthy of a monster, not to mention a human being, and there was no true energy fluctuating within the body of the stick, so it could not be a weapon spirit, sword spirit or anything like that.

It is simply a black stick, although I do not know what the material is exactly, but the texture is a very ordinary black long stick.

But ……

But it was such a simple, pure thing, yet it had skills and behaviors that were unimaginable to ordinary people, and if Han Qianqian hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have even believed that there could be such a thing in this world.

“What the hell are you?” Han Qianqian couldn’t help but frown.

When he asked, the thing did not reflect in the slightest.

Naturally, Han Qianqian was not willing to let go of his curiosity. Continuing to add, he said, “Also, why did you attack me?”

“Holy sh*t, if I remember correctly, you belong to me.”

“Is it possible that you’re getting back at me because I threw you into these green juices?”

Han Qianqian obviously looked like a child with question marks, waiting for a response from the thing, only that the thing was still lying motionless in Han Qianqian’s hand, just as it had been earlier.

Even when Han Qianqian put it back on the axe blade and threatened it, it remained the same.

Was it really dead?

Suddenly, just as Han Qianqian was wondering, his gaze suddenly rea*sembled and he thought he understood, was it because of it?