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His Destined Path Chapter 3122

Chapter 3122

When the twenty-seven black shadows arrived quickly, they didn’t even have time to close their bodies before kneeling directly to the ground, sliding out several meters before barely stopping, each of them lowering their heads with an extremely humble posture.

“How did you find out?” Next to the terrifying leader, a very strong man in black asked in a cold voice.

Even though this man was dressed in black with a mask, the sharp light in his eyes was more fierce than that of a tiger or a leopard, more ferocious than that of a jackal.

“Your eleventh master, have checked all the nearby, but …… but there is just no trace of those few people.” One of the twenty-seven black shadows inside a low voice and said, after finishing, he timidly looked at the strong black-clothed man.

That’s right, this strong man in black was no other than the Eleventh Master Pei Shiyuan.

Hearing these words, Eleventh Master Pei Shiyuan’s eyes were full of anger, and with a movement of his hands, an energy shot out directly, knocking down all twelve black shadows on the spot: “Rice barrels, a bunch of f*cking rice barrels, and the 27 f*cking departments, what use do I have for you?”

“They’re a bunch of rice buckets, aren’t you?” As soon as the words left his mouth, the man in black next to Pei Shiyuan, who looked frightening, spoke out.

Who else could it be but the special envoy?

Pei Shiyuan could not answer, so he could only lower his head and say, “It is Shiyuan who is incompetent.”

“If you know that, then you are right.” The envoy snorted coldly, swept a glance at the twenty-seven amba*sadors lying on the ground and said, “Are you sure you have searched them all?”

Upon hearing this, those twenty-seven people hurriedly got up from the ground on the spot, then knelt down and said, “My subordinates and others divided into several waves of people in a carpet style, the front for the pursuit, the back for the search, if there is someone, it can definitely be checked, but ……”

“Humph, can’t it be that the goods can still fly and disappear?” Pei Shiyuan is dissatisfied with the Wei drink, in front of the envoy atmosphere dare not out, but in front of his own men, he naturally nothing to fear.

Besides, these men were incompetent and caused himself to be scolded, so of course he was dissatisfied with these men.

“What did you say?” The envoy did not turn around and asked in a cold voice.

Pei Shiyuan immediately lowered his head: “Shiyuan did not say anything.”

The envoy turned around and Pei Shiyuan flew several metres across the room, stumbling a few steps before he stopped. The envoy said in a cold voice, “You didn’t say anything before you were told to, but you didn’t say anything after you were told to, are you sincerely disagreeing with this envoy?”

Pei Shiyuan was so frightened that he hastily bent over and said, “Shiyuan wouldn’t dare.”

“Then say so.”

Pei Shiyuan was helpless and his forehead was sweating in anxiety, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “Shiyuan is saying, can that b*****d still fly to the sky and disappear?”

After saying this, he looked at the envoy with some concern, fearing that this would anger him.

But the envoy did not get angry at his words, but laughed coldly and said, “A good person may disappear for a while using some magic, but he cannot disappear for a lifetime! If that’s the case, how can a person disappear without being seen alive or dead? You’re right, flying and disappearing.”

“Can’t it be that ……” Pei Shiyuan suddenly thought of something as well “If you can’t fly into the sky, can’t you …… disappear into the earth?”

The world is full of strange and extraordinary people, and although this ability to vanish to the ground is a rare category, it is not unattainable.

The envoy nodded: “With such an intensive search and the fact that they are your Pei Shiyuan’s men, I have faith in their abilities. But humans themselves are more than cunning and make good use of strange schemes, and he knows that we are bound to pursue them with haste and overlook some details.”

“That detail is the underground.” Pei Shiyuan’s eyes were also a little sinister.

Good for you, you b*tch, for coming up with such a method, he had overlooked it.

The envoy’s eyes shrank slightly: “This way of searching through, you know where the front is already, there is no way they can rush through, so ……” said this, the envoy looked back behind him and said in a cold voice: “They must still be in this big The mountain and the wilderness.”

“But, the subordinate and other people soldiers divided into waves, the slowest even until now is still searching in the rear, indeed did not find human smoke ah.” The one among the twenty-seven dark shadows also said in confusion.

The envoy did not say anything, and looked distantly at the barren mountain behind him, as if he was also examining the possible habitat of Han Qianqian and the others.

Suddenly, just at that moment, a loud sound struck, and brilliant light and fire instantly lit up the entire dark sky ……