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His Destined Path Chapter 3123

Chapter 3123

The crowd looked for the sound and saw an explosion coming from somewhere far above, and although there was nothing else, the light from the explosion made a distinct point in the dark clouds overhead.

A group of men in black quickly set up a defensive formation on the spot and looked around intently.

The envoy waved his hand slightly and said disdainfully, “With an explosion this far away, can you still be afraid of hurting me?”

Hearing these words, the people in black immediately withdrew from the formation and meekly hung their heads.

Pei Shiyuan frowned and looked to the distant sky, what an explosion!

However, it was just as the envoy had said, the distance was so far away that there was really no need to worry.

Only, he was a little confused and said to himself, “How could there be an explosion there?”

The envoy looked back slightly at Pei Shiyuan.

Seeing the envoy looking at himself, Pei Shiyuan was suddenly awakened and smiled sarcastically.

However, he suddenly remembered what the envoy had just said and knew that if he did not say anything, he was afraid that there would be no good consequences again, so he could only hasten to reply, “Shi Yuan was just curious about how an explosion could have occurred there.”

“Why not there?” The envoy said in a cold voice.

“Because it is a deserted place.” Pei Shiyuan said.

As the words grew old, a man in black next to him also came over, none other than Pei Lan, who hurriedly whispered, “Report to the envoy, that place is called the Land of Extreme Snow and is quite peculiar.”

“The temperature is so low that even trees and insects can barely survive there, not to mention people, so gradually no one pa*ses through it, it is a deserted place.”

“No man’s land?” The envoy turned back slightly and looked over there, as if he was thinking.

Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan looked at each other, and suddenly, each of them had shock in their eyes, can’t ……

Pei Shiyuan took a few steps to walk next to the envoy and said with a curious frown, “Lord envoy wouldn’t suspect that Han Qianqian’s group had entered the Land of Extreme Snow, would he?”

The amba*sador did not say anything, but at this time Pei Lan had already come up, “It is unlikely, the temperature in the Land of Extreme Snow is extremely low, ordinary people in there are like looking for death.”

“Unless one is an extremely strong expert who can use his true energy to protect his body.”

“But that kind of expert is really rare.” Pei Lan said with little conviction.

The envoy faintly returned his eyes and looked at Pei Lan.

Pei Shiyuan hurriedly said, “The temperature of the Land of Extreme Snow requires at least a top-tier expert like you, the envoy, to be able to resist with pure and incomparable true energy, other than that, even if an expert like me and the Eleventh Master entered, our defences would be broken by the ice and snow.”

Pei Lan also nodded hastily, “Lord Envoy, every word we say is true.”

The envoy nodded and gently returned his eyes, looking once again in the direction of the Land of Extreme Snow, and after a moment, he murmured, “Don’t forget, you guys, that guy is originally a weirdo.”

Hearing these words, Pei Shiyuan and Pei Lan looked at each other at once.

Although they did not believe that someone could survive the extreme snow temperature in the land of extreme snow, the envoy’s words were not unreasonable, that boy was already a strange person, if he had any strange skills, no one could say.

Although, in their minds, this possibility was still so low that it was ridiculous, but with the envoy in front of them, they did not dare to say anything more.

“Pei Jin, has the twenty-seventh envoy checked there yet?” Thinking of this, Pei Shiyuan hurriedly turned back to look at the man in the twenty-seven dark shadows.

Pei Jin hurriedly lowered his head, and at this moment, he was also full of sweat: “Eleventh Master, there …… is no man’s land there, and the temperature is extremely low, so ……”

Hearing this, Pei Shiyuan’s heart instantly thumped, although this was necessarily within his understanding, but in that case, the possibility that that Han Qianqian seemed to be hiding in the land of extreme snow also became greater.

Thinking of this, Pei Shiyuan hurriedly looked at the envoy.

The envoy snorted coldly, “What are you still waiting for? Let’s go.”

With those words, the huge black shadow headed towards the Land of Extreme Snow.

The three of them were looking at the giant fish anxiously on the ice surface when an explosion suddenly sounded in the sky, and the three of them looked at the giant light burning above their heads in fear. ……