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His Destined Path Chapter 3135

Chapter 3135

Han Qianqian smiled: “Because you’re limber and simple-minded, is that clear enough?”

“You!!!” Pei Shiyuan burnt with rage.

“I said I used ten percent of my strength as well, but did I say that I only left ten percent of my strength?” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.

“What?” Pei Shiyuan was startled.

Han Qianqian laughed: “Against you, fifty percent of my power would be enough, so I also left a full fifty percent of my power, so what about you?”

Fifty percent?

“No, no, it’s impossible, it’s never possible.” Pei Shiyuan could hardly accept this fact and shook his head frantically.

With ninety percent of his own power at its peak, even in this demon land, he was an absolutely dominant existence, but how could he resist himself with a skinny human?

Moreover, it was only an unbelievable 50% of his power?

This was a fantasy that he could never believe.

But in his disbelieving eyes, a hint of panic soon appeared.

Earlier, being so focused on his complacency, he had overlooked an immense and incomparable reality.

Over there was that explosion!

According to Han Qianqian’s complete attack against himself, those eight attacks should have hit his back incomparably solidly, so the point of the explosion should also be behind Han Qianqian.

Then ……

Even if he was not attacked, the explosion of mana energy triggered by the attack should have been a cold wind that hit his face like a knife cut, or a wave of air rushing his body.

Why, from the beginning to the end, did he not feel anything at all?

This seems to indicate that ……

The explosion was blocked by something?

The Pei Shiyuan, who looked behind Han Qianqian, also discovered to his astonishment that the light of the explosion, although it was dissipating, was at its core ……

Surprisingly, it was not on Han Qianqian’s body, but ……

A few centimeters behind Han Qianqian!!!

If he hadn’t been mistaken himself, then the combined attack of the eight men, he …… seemed to have relied on something to fend off.

So, it’s not difficult to think that he carried off the combined attack of all eight of them, so it’s no longer a stretch of the imagination for him to use fifty percent of his strength to hit himself!

After all, the eight generals under him were more capable than anyone else, and as the leader he knew them better than anyone else.

His men had been fighting for years in the wilderness, drinking blood, killing wolves with hanging eyes for meat and breaking barbarians for food, how crazy was that? What kind of danger did they encounter?

The only thing they rely on is their own skills and those of the eight war generals.

It is not even an exaggeration to say that the combined strength of these eight men is more than that of themselves.

“You ……” Pei Shiyuan thought of this, the whole person has been shocked completely speechless, at this time he was thinking back to the original Han Qianqian’s sentence to ask Pei Hu or Pei Kun, suddenly feel incomparable fear and regret.

As if, one had interpreted it wrong.

His words ……

The two symbols of the legendary beast clan are also very afraid of seeing him, right?

Previously, I didn’t even dare to look forward to this thought because it was impossible, but now after thinking that there was this possibility, Pei Shiyuan’s entire heart was completely colder than that land of extreme snow.

What kind of a ghostly figure had he …… messed with?

He was foolish, he was completely foolish.

But soon, he understood again, and completely and utterly understood.

The King of the Phantom!

That Earth Worm’s death was not a f*cking accident at all, and even less was it a sneak attack by the other party using some strange spell, and …… instead it should have been a complete and utter strength gap.

“Mang Niu, you’re f*cking ruining me.”

He admitted that he had been preoccupied and had overly believed his brother’s every word from the beginning, but now that he looked at it again, he had been ruthlessly pitted by his own brother.

There is a saying that there are no tears to cry, and he thinks that he, Pei Shiyuan, is the perfect reflection of this state of affairs at this time ……

If he had the chance, he would have beaten Mang Niu before he died, this is what you f*cking told me, even you can’t beat?

He’s not even pretending to be a pig eating a tiger, he’s pretending to be a f*cking pig eating a giant dragon!

“Now, it’s your turn to cry.” Han Qianqian raised his left hand slightly in a goodbye gesture, followed by a slight lift of his right hand, and a huge force came directly from his right fist ……