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His Destined Path Chapter 3136

‍ Chapter 3136

Pei Shiyuan looked at Han Qianqian incredibly and terrifyingly, and an invisible force ran directly from Han Qianqian’s fist to his own fist at this time.

He hadn’t yet received the force, but Pei Shiyuan had already felt the super terror of this force.

The next second, in his unwilling eyes, he only felt his body instantly catapult backwards, his whole body and even his brain turned into a virtual blank in that instant ……

There was no pain, no struggle, it even felt like everything in heaven and earth had nothing to do with him, he only had that brain still full of shocked thoughts outside, everything else did not belong to him.


Pei Shiyuan, who was at the centre of the battle, might not have felt how shocking the whole scene was, but it was completely different in the eyes of everyone else.

To everyone, what should have been and what actually appeared after that violent explosion had suddenly and completely shattered their impressions.

All they could see was that at the very centre of the ma*s explosion, Pei Shiyuan, who should have been safe and sound, fell backwards from the sky to the ground as fast as a falling meteor.

After that, the explosion of light dispersed, Han Qianqian, who should have been destroyed, stood there peacefully, his right hand fist slightly punched out, his body golden and black colour flowing around, just like a god of war.

Everyone was silent at this moment, whether it was Xia Wei and the others, the eight war generals, or the special envoy who was standing in the air and the tens of thousands of people behind him.

They were all dumbfounded.

If shock could be described, if heart could be described.

The heart of all of them was now a small boat on a lonely river, and the shock was an immense sea that wrapped itself around it.

It just didn’t seem to dare even to move at this point, for fear that the sea would surge, for fear that the sea would become slightly angry, and that under one wave, ten thousand boats would be like straws.

On top of that, everyone at the scene had a feeling of numbness in their skulls, so much so that some people were pulling their skulls to death at the moment, letting the pain frantically numb the goosebumps all over their bodies.

Horror, horror, this was simply too much.

No one knew how on earth this guy could do all this?

That was the top nine of them, and they were attacking jointly at the same time.

And yet he could …… peacefully remain untouched by a leaf from it?

They are so, even that special envoy, always in the eyes of the cold eyes of no one, at this time also stared intently at Han Qianqian, after a long time, he muttered as if to himself: “This guy ……”

Perhaps, at this point, he, like Pei Shiyuan at that time, finally began to understand that the death of the King of the Youming was not a coincidence, but a huge gap between strengths.

The fact is that the people of the world are not only the most powerful, but also the most powerful.

Looking at Pei Shiyuan, who was falling rapidly from the sky today, was like seeing the tragic scene of the defeat of the King of Youming back then.

Perhaps the way the King of Youming and Pei Shiyuan were defeated was different, but the shock, resignation and disbelief before his death were surprisingly the same.

When did someone so powerful exist in the human race again?

And so young?

And so unnamed?

Thinking of this, he withdrew his gaze again and looked back at Han Qianqian in mid-air.

“And what is that?” At this moment, when he looked at Han Qianqian again, he couldn’t help but slightly shrink his gaze.

A few centimetres behind Han Qianqian, a silvery thing stood there majestically.

It was a completely silver, armour-like cloak.

It was majestic and domineering, simple and pure, just hanging in the air on Han Qianqian’s back.

It was like the armour of a god of war, and like the cloak of an emperor.

The centre of it was where the eight attacks had combined.

At this moment, the light explosion had already dispersed, but at its very centre, there was only a white dot left behind. If you look closely, you can see that the white dot is like a vortex, moving slowly, as if it is absorbing the eight energy channels.

In the next second, the cloaked armour suddenly transformed all over, and as it took shape, it had become a gourd.


The mouth of the gourd erupted violently, and a giant dragon of fire carrying eight strands of power fiercely followed with a fury, attacking the eight people in mid-air.

The eight people were dumbfounded, and only then did they realize that the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel had already arrived.

The eight people hurriedly responded to the momentum of the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, but at that moment, the dragon of fire had already attacked again ……

Boom ……