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His Destined Path Chapter 3138

Chapter 3138

Just as Pei Shiyuan was puzzled, the envoy was a gaze gesture.

Following the envoy’s gaze, Pei Shiyuan turned back slightly and looked at his eight generals.

Although all eight men on the ground had been brought over by the envoy’s power and were lying side by side, only half of them were still dying at this point.

Although they were also fierce, they were still much inferior to such a heaven defying body as Pei Shiyuan’s. Having first been attacked by the rain of fire, and then falling straight down and slamming from this overhead, how could their mere bodies stand up to it?

Some of them were also attacked by the Heavenly Fire and the Moon Wheel in mid-air. Nowadays, the Heavenly Fire has long been different from ordinary Heavenly Fire, and the damage caused by it is far from what it used to be.

Looking at this scene, Pei Shiyuan’s whole body was stunned.

It was enough for him to be defeated by Han Qianqian, but why …… were the eight brothers, who were so far away, also lost their lives at that time?

Although they were his own generals, they were actually more his brothers as well.

He crawled in disbelief and panic to the eight men, touched his hand and probed his nose, grief and shock written all over his pupils.

“How …… could this happen?” Pei Shiyuan was incredulous and grief-stricken.

The envoy did not say anything, if it were normal, he would have inevitably cursed the group of trash, so many people not only could not catch a mere human, but also lost troops so horribly.

But today, he would not.

As a witness to the whole thing, he knew how unexpected this defeat was, and he also knew that it was not that his men were incompetent, but that the other side was simply too strong.

“f*ck, Han Qianqian, if I don’t kill you, I, Pei Shiyuan, will not be a man.”

“Brothers, wait, wait for Master Eleven to avenge you.” With these words, Pei Shiyuan’s eyes were bloodshot and he got up with a fury, going to settle the score with Han Qianqian.

The revenge of killing my brother was not to be shared.

“All of you, gather.” As Pei Shiyuan’s words fell, he gritted his teeth and forced his body to endure the pain, waving his hand, while a strange buzzing sound came out of his mouth.

As the buzzing sound came together, the aura seemed to rise with it.

Even the few generals who were lying on the ground, dying, were struggling to get up from the ground.

To them, there was no sound in the world more worthy of death than this strange sound.

It was the voice of the most sacred patriarch of their sub-clan, and the topmost command.

“That’s enough.”

However, just as the group of men struggled to a*semble, the envoy at that moment spoke out coldly.

Pei Shiyuan looked at the envoy in confusion and frowned slightly, obviously, he did not understand what the envoy meant by speaking out to stop it.

The envoy was helpless and said coldly, “Take a look at that gang of your men.”

Then, with a slight lift of the envoy’s hand, Pei Shiyuan’s entire body slowly rose up.

Although it was only a few dozen metres high, it was enough for him to get a clear view of the situation behind him, but with this glance, Pei Shiyuan was attacked by fire and a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly from his mouth.

If it wasn’t for the special envoy controlling him, he would have fallen head over heels on the spot.

His proud army was already in a panic, the front was scorched black, dead and wounded, and a large part of the front of the 10,000-strong army was empty.

The ground was on fire, the sky was thunder, and a rain of fire was falling from the sky, spreading among the 10,000 troops.

Tens of thousands of people were killed and wounded, and as far as the eye could see, the ground was covered with wreckage. Even though there were still many living people in the rear, they were already like a pot of mess because of the panic in front of them.

“How …… did this happen?” He muttered in shock.

He now finally understood the words of the envoy.

He dropped into position in fear, and his eyes were filled with despair among them.

The 10,000 divisions and the warriors were gathered, but the result was such a big defeat.

How can one describe it?

“Is that guy …… a god or a Buddha?” Pei Shiyuan left a word of fear, not knowing whether to sigh in admiration or shock, and muttered his head.

The special envoy’s hands moved, Pei Shiyuan slowly fell, a long sigh, both without words, but more than ten thousand words.

Suddenly, the envoy laughed eerily out loud.

Pei Shiyuan was puzzled and looked at him in confusion, then he followed the envoy’s eyes, and at once, he seemed to understand something.

He also laughed ……