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His Destined Path Chapter 3139

Chapter 3139

“Envoy, you are trying to …….”

Pei Shiyuan followed the envoy’s gaze, but saw that his gaze was looking in the direction where Han Qianqian was far away.

The envoy nodded: “The fierceness of the vicious dog is somewhat unexpected, but within reason.”

“I know you despise the King of Youming, but I think you know clearly in your heart how strong he is.”

“So, before killing this son, I was different from you in this way, I never believed that he would not be able to beat a mere hairy henchman of yours.”

“He naturally has different ordinary skills, doesn’t he?”

Hearing these words, Pei Shiyuan no longer had even a trace of his previous arrogance, but was only filled with guilt and shame.

He had never seen such a person before in his life, and if he were to say that he was a great devil, Pei Shiyuan would definitely raise his hands in agreement without even thinking about it.

After all, he had easily defeated him and a group of elites by himself.

That was even if he didn’t seem to be willing to fight.

If he were to put up a complete fight, I’m afraid that even his 10,000 men would not be enough for him, right?

He was really glad that this had not happened today, otherwise he would have been on his way to the Yellow Springs to find the King of the Underworld.

“It is my subordinate’s fault for not investigating thoroughly, but it is not that Pei Shiyuan is pleading for his brother, but even if we knew he was not easy to deal with, this rash encounter with him would never have occurred to us that he would be so outrageously strong.”

“He is only as thin as the naked eye can see, yet he only needs to unleash 50% of his power to completely resist Shi Yuan’s almost full strength strike, if he hadn’t fought, Shi Yuan wouldn’t have believed it.”

“What’s even more frightening is that that kid could actually resist the combined attack of my eight brothers, you know, when we attacked him, he ……” Pei Lan, who was seriously injured but not yet dead, said with difficulty even now, forcing his whole body to endure the pain.

He did not even defend a little ah.

What’s even more humiliating for the man is that this guy didn’t even turn his head back!

The few remaining war generals also nodded their heads repeatedly. Even though it had been a few long years since it had happened, looking back on it now still sent chills down the spine, making people shiver at the thought.

That was a group of eight men, but instead of inflicting the slightest damage on Han Qianqian, they were directly killed by him in an instant.

What kind of horrifying image is this?

Anyway, those few people who were alive had already defined it as a nightmare and did not want to make any more memories.

“This, too, is exactly what I was talking about, something unexpected.” The envoy nodded slightly, signalling that there was no need to say too much, he had understood.

“The might of this dog is something I had not expected to be so powerful, and seeing how young he is, I feel even more disadvantaged.”

“But what do you know, he is far more fierce than those old, unearthly dogs, perhaps, this is the wave that comes after the long river pushes the wave before it.”

Several people nodded their heads in succession.

Pei Shiyuan took a slight step forward and smiled grimly, “Unfortunately, even if a vicious dog is fierce, it is still no more than a beast.

The envoy laughed gently, full of complacency.

Obviously, he agreed with Pei Shiyuan’s words, otherwise, when he saw Han Qianqian break out, he did not choose to help, but chose to wait for them to test Han Qianqian’s strength.

Pei Shiyuan hastened to pay his compliments and hurriedly said, “The envoy is wise.”

“Now that you know that, rest your grievances and follow me well to drive away the evil dogs.”

Pei Shiyuan immediately led the way, “Shiyuan understands, Shiyuan will go and do it now.”

The envoy nodded, looked coldly at Han Qianqian’s direction and laughed, “Hmph, the Red Earth was not only a forbidden area for the demons to die, but now it is also the place where you will be buried.”

Having said that, the envoy sneered grimly, then, laughing maniacally ……