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His Destined Path Chapter 3152

Chapter 3152

Not only that woman, just at this time the pierced mountain beetle, is also fiercely frightened, since Han three thousand have refuted themselves, said this city is bound to be fierce, then why should he ……

The old man and Xia Wei also hurried over at this time, looking at Han Qianqian, as if asking if he was really prepared.

Han Qianqian had already given the three a positive answer with just a look, looking at the woman who had fallen to the ground: “Well?”

“No, no, no ……” The woman subconsciously shook her head frantically, the thought of returning to the city already causing her body to involuntarily start shaking.

If one had to stand against that group of people, how …… could this be possible?!

“If you don’t help me, if my friend with his quick temper kills you, then there’s nothing I can do.” Han three thousand is not in a hurry: “One hundred percent now now dead, one help me, half life and half death, how to choose, you think clearly yourself.”

“However, you only have five seconds.”

The words fell, Han Qianqian turned his back, and the mountain piercing armor also instantly understood in seconds, directly reaching out on the spot and once again jamming the woman’s neck.

“Five, four, three ……,” Han Qianqian also blandly counted up.

The woman was scared out of her wits when she heard Han Qianqian start counting, as if a fatal charm was constantly striking her heart.

She knew very well the horror of this countdown to five seconds, because just a short while ago, those dogs had not listened carefully enough, and that was why they had come to this end.

How could she dare to make the slightest mistake before the previous example was finished?

“No, I promise you, I promise you.” As soon as she closed her eyes, even though the woman was scared, she didn’t have any choice at this point.

Han Qianqian was right, either she could die immediately and immediately now, or, there was still a chance to gamble.

Although the chance was almost zero in her eyes, out of fear of death, she would face it later if she could.

Hearing this, Han Qianqian turned around and reached out to pull her up, and the pierced beetle sent his hand along.

“Even if I promise you, you really shouldn’t have any illusions.” Although the woman was helped up by Han Qianqian, she still did not hold any hopes for him.

Han Qianqian wasn’t angry either, and smiled lightly, “You’ll be glad for the choice you made today for the rest of your life.”

After saying that, Han Qianqian swept his eyes and looked around. Although it looked calm, Han Qianqian believed that it would not be long before red sand rolled around here.

“Let’s go into the city.”

Han Qianqian’s hand moved slightly, and the little black stick immediately transformed into Han Qianqian’s body, while the jade sword was also retrieved from his sleeve.

The entrance to the city gate was incomparably deep, and at the same time, its depth was a testament to how thick the walls of the city were.

It was 70 to 80 metres long.

After pa*sing through the gate, the light was clearly shining again.

But inside and outside the walls seemed to be two different worlds.

The blood-dimmed sky was extremely low, giving people a rather depressing feeling, and the wind was swirling around, driving red flying sand, making the already bizarre world even more bizarre.

“Up ahead, there is the Demon Cloud Ghost City.” The woman said.

Raising her eyes, barely able to see through the wind and sand, she could faintly see bursts of black clouds covering the city ahead, a pitch-black ma*s that made one feel the terror in that city just by looking at it.

“This place, at first glance, is by no means a good place.” The old man smiled bitterly, “I’m afraid it’s a life of nine deaths.”

Xia Wei also nodded, not knowing the true face of the mountain, but now seeing it again, she suddenly realized that the woman’s saying that no one had ever pa*sed through here was not imaginary to scare people, but more like telling the truth.

“A bit tricky.” Even the pangolin, who has a relatively tigerish disposition, completely changed his previous posture: “For some reason, it’s very depressing once I’m here. ”

Han Qianqian smiled gently, this was to be expected, however, he also had to admit that the cold and stern aura here was, again, far more fierce than he had expected to come.

“Soldiers will come, water will come.” Han Qianqian smiled and waved his hand, “Whether he’s Yan Luo or a brat, he’s here, he’ll always have to meet for a while.”

“Into the city.”

With those words, the five of them set off towards the city.

Almost at the same time as the five set off towards the city, several eerie figures among the flying red sand followed them in the shadows at the same time, flashing rapidly towards the city ……