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His Destined Path Chapter 3153

Chapter 3153




Closer and closer to the city, at this moment, some strange sounds also resounded from within the city and kept coming into the ears.

There were cries, shouts, the sound of chains, the sound of hammering, and even more so the sound of hideous smiles.

The various sounds gathered together, but it was unsettling to hear them.


As Han Qianqian’s left foot landed on a relatively wet and hard ground, the five people officially stepped into the territory of the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

With this right foot, the various sounds that were like ghostly cries just before suddenly stopped.

The street in front of them was wide and long, but as far as one could see, there was not a single living thing in sight, only broken walls and ruins all over the place.

It was covered in red sand and was incomparably bleak.

But as Han Qianqian slightly lifted his left foot, his right foot, which had all the force on it, sank slightly, and the ground around his shoe gurgled, surprisingly there were threads of black and red liquid seeping directly out of the ground.

Several people hastily looked down at once and felt the stench.

“What is this?” Xia Wei frowned a little and said in disbelief, “Stinky water?”

The woman smiled helplessly at the sound of her voice, “Stinky water? You’ve been through it all the way, don’t you know what it is?”

“It’s blood.” Han Qianqian replied in a cold voice.

Upon hearing this reply, Xia Wei’s three people were startled, and the foot that was about to step in was hastily withdrawn.

“Blood?” Xia Wei looked at Han Qianqian with disbelief.

It wasn’t that the three of them were afraid of blood, after all, this was not unusual, but, at least at this point, if they knew that it was blood, they would definitely be scared to death.

For as far as they could see, almost all the ground in the city was completely different from the ground they were stepping on at the moment.

Although they were both red, it was obvious that the ground in the city was obviously darker in colour.

So, if what came out of this footstep was blood, then how much blood must exist under this immense city?

When you think about it, don’t you feel horrible?

“This is unlikely, isn’t it?” The Mountain Penetrator had seen a lot of big scenes, but it was still hard to believe such a shock to the throat.

After all, this Devil Cloud Ghost City was already incredibly large just from the outside, if such a large area of the city was underground with blood.

sh*t, how many people would have to die then?

“What’s impossible about the land of red earth? You’ve seen the drought all the way here, it’s just that more people have died in this city, more blood has been shed, and the ground has become damp.” Seeing that the three didn’t seem too convinced, the woman added.

Han Qianqian smiled lightly.

Although it seemed a bit unbelievable, it was actually within Han Qianqian’s scope of consideration, otherwise, he would not have guessed directly that these things were blood.

The wind had blown the sand all the way here, and it went without saying that it was arid, but when he stepped into the city, it was like stepping into a sponge and oozing red water, which naturally made Han Qianqian wonder.

When he thought of the desolation of the place, where nothing existed and corpses were everywhere, he could naturally guess a thing or two.

“How many people must have died then.” After being affirmed by the two men, Xia Wei said with some trepidation when she thought about it.

“The Land of the Dead naturally has countless dead people.” The old man laughed bitterly.

The woman said coldly, “If there wasn’t so much blood, how could there be mountains of bones? The legend of the Land of Red Earth itself is that it is blood-stained.”

“All right, whether it’s blood-stained or otherwise, you’ve come here, are you still afraid of getting your shoes dirty and not daring to enter?”

Han Qianqian said, gently sweeping the surroundings, revealing an imperceptible smile as he got up and stepped directly into the city.

The woman was used to it and followed Han Qianqian into the city with a little hesitation.

Those two had gone ahead, so even if the remaining three were reluctant, they could only close their eyes and step into the city.


At this moment, a cold demonic wind also appeared at the right time.

It seemed to be warning of something, and it seemed to be hissing something again.

A group of five people, led by Han Qianqian, followed the avenue all the way, heading inside.


Suddenly, a loud noise came, which seemed extremely terrifying in the peaceful, bloody space of the morning or night.

Xia Wei, the old man and the woman all leaned closer to each other in fear, but at that moment, a pair of people suddenly walked slowly out from the ruins on either side and blocked the path of the five.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly and stopped in his tracks ……