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His Destined Path Chapter 3157

Chapter 3157

Chapter 357 – You are only as good as your sword
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“This ……”

When the pig-headed man lowered his eyes, the whole person was completely dumbfounded.

Somehow, at the place of his wrist, there was a small bloody hole.

The hole was not very big, so the blood shed was almost always very little, but it was such a small hole that hardened the pig man’s face at that moment.

Even ……

Even at this time he had some panic in his heart.

The pain, only now it was almost a pain in the heart, but what was more terrible than the pain was what was exposed in the eye of that small hole of his at this time.

It was two, or simply a broken hamstring, right in the very centre of the wound, just snapped.

His tendons had actually been severed by someone.

Now he finally understood why he could not lift his sword with this hand, no matter how hard he tried.

Only, when did this guy hurt himself?

Was it when the sword struck him?

But why didn’t I feel the slightest pain at that time?

“Could it be that this fellow’s sword ……” The pig man suddenly looked at Han Qianqian, and his eyes couldn’t help but flash a hint of surprise: “It’s just too fast? So much so that even his own body didn’t reflect it?”

But …… but he was just a tiny mole, how could he …… he do it?

“That’s right, it’s his own flesh and skin is too strong, so when this guy hurts himself, it’s as if he’s hurting his skin, it’s just that this grandson got lucky and just happened to hurt himself where it matters.”

“That must be it.”

Thinking of this, the pig man regained his confidence and his anger grew, “You f*cking little mole, how dare you hurt me, I want you to eat your words.”


The next second, the pig-man changed his hand to a sword and attacked Han Qianqian in a fury, intent on dismembering him.

But Han Qianqian, who was on the other side, did not panic at all, and even stood slowly in his place.


Almost as soon as the pig man rushed forward, when he saw that the big knife was about to cut Han Qianqian, suddenly Han Qianqian, who hadn’t moved, suddenly turned into a stigma.

Before the pig man could have any reaction, immediately after ……


His big sword slashed directly and heavily on the ground, seemingly striking empty while his body suddenly lunged forward in a bizarre manner, and with a loud boom, his huge body smashed directly and heavily on the ground!

Everyone was distracted by the powerful ground tremor, and when they looked back, they saw the pig-man on all fours, his hands curled up.

But compared to the bloodied hole in one wrist, he had added another hand to it, which looked somewhat ominous.

“Come again.”

Han Qianqian turned around indifferently, and his jade sword did not even have the slightest bit of blood on it.

As far as Han Qianqian was concerned, these beasts were not even qualified to dirty his own sword.

With a cold voice, the pig man was furious, but his hands were completely ruined and it was difficult for him to get up, let alone fight with Han Qianqian again.

At this moment, the smiles of the monsters onlookers all froze.

How fierce they had laughed earlier, how embarra*sed they were at this moment.

In the blink of an eye, this pig man’s hands were instantly ruined, and even for those who were used to being arrogant, they couldn’t help but feel a chill in their wrists at this moment, and hurriedly pretended to change their posture, but in reality, they hid their wrists.

“What? Were you not so arrogant earlier? Now, the trash is lying on the ground and can’t get up, and you trash, you don’t dare to say a word?” With those words, Han Qianqian slowly turned back.

Originally, in terms of aura and body, Han Qianqian’s size should be like a child looking at an adult, but at this moment, a group of monsters were somehow deterred by Han Qianqian and could not help but take a step backwards, keeping a certain distance from him.

An invisible intimidating force even made their backs faintly chill.

Changing his eyes and sweeping a glance at the monsters, Han Qianqian laughed softly and coldly, “If you don’t dare to talk nonsense anymore, then behave and get out of the way.”

As soon as the words fell, a few of the monsters actually unconsciously moved their bodies sideways and tried to make way.

However, at that moment, the bear man gave a glare towards the people beside him, and at once, a bull-headed man beside him, coldly shouted, “You’re just as powerful as that f*cking sword, if you have the guts, put away the sword and fight your grandpa Bull!”

Hearing these words, Han Qianqian smiled ……