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His Destined Path Chapter 3158

Chapter 3158

You’re not f*cking right!

Seeing Han Qianqian like this, both Xia Wei and the piercing beetle were a little nervous.

“Brother Three-thousand, don’t listen to them.”

“Yes, old Han, the king is the loser, they are the ones who are not as good as the others, how the hell can you let them do that? Don’t be rude to him, get rid of them.”

Hearing the two shouting sharply, that bull man looked at Han Qianqian warily.

Suddenly, Han Qianqian moved, and the bull instantly and unconsciously took another half step backwards, but after stabilising himself, he realised that it was just a false alarm.

Han Qianqian did not make a move, but only moved his hand, and the jade sword was directly retracted into his sleeve, and then he stood there indifferently and proudly.

“As you wish.”

When these words came out, Xia Wei and the man in the mountain armour were both dumbfounded.

I’ve seen people who are wavy, but I’ve never seen people who are wavy like this.

They were all tall and big, and the weapons in their hands were even thicker than Han Qianqian.

Just like this, he actually …… actually took the initiative to give up his weapon.

If they hadn’t followed Han Qianqian for so long, they all thought he must be crazy.

What was clear, though, was that Little Spring Flower was among those who felt he was crazy.

These individuals, how would she not be aware of their strength? These guys were notorious bullies in the nearby area. And to be a bully in a place like this, what else could one have but to rely on brute strength?

But this guy Han Qianqian ……

She froze, and the bear man also froze.

He was never expecting that his people would be so wimpy, and what he never expected was that Han Qianqian would be outrageous enough to agree to it.

This guy, in his own eyes is only the size of a palm head, it seems to contain little brain marrow, the person is not smart ah.

However, he didn’t mind, someone was looking for death, did he have to reach out to stop it?

The bull man was overjoyed and took a half step forward, “Good, then don’t blame your grandpa Bull for being merciless.”


He bellowed, and two puffs of white air came out of his huge nostrils, and the powerful qi even blew up the clothes of the people around him.


But just then, Han Qianqian suddenly reached out to stop his next attack.

The bull man was not angry, and as he steadied himself slightly, he looked at Han Qianqian and said with a cold smile, “What, brat, are you afraid?”

“You don’t f*cking want to regret it, do you?” The people next to him also mocked.

“Oh, I thought this brat was a good man, but it turned out to be nothing more than that, this just withdrew his sword, and he was instantly goaded.”

As Han Qianqian did so, the gang’s anger that had just been suppressed suddenly rekindled, and they all looked at Han Qianqian and could not help but speak sourly.

“What moral righteousness to speak to them.” The mountain-people underestimated and were a bit anxious for Han Qianqian: “You should take out your sword and f*ck them.”

At this moment, Han Qianqian shook his head, “I don’t regret it.”

No remorse?

Hearing this, everyone, no matter what the enemy was, instantly looked at him in disbelief.

To take a breather?

“My time is precious, I don’t have the time to play with a bunch of fools like you, how about this, don’t come one by one, you all go together.” Han Qianqian looked at them.


The pangolin almost didn’t swallow himself to death with a mouthful of saliva.

Over there, Xia Wei also looked at Han Qianqian in amazement.

Not only them, but even the bear man at the head of the group, along with their men, were so stunned that they were dumbfounded in place for an unknown number of seconds.

“What is he babbling about.” The pangolin was choking, it was f*cking outrageous.

There were twenty or so of them, and he was going to fight twenty of them alone?

And he didn’t even use a f*cking weapon?

What was wrong with him?

After Xia Wei reflected, she also covered her forehead with her hand, her face extremely speechless, what the hell was 3,000 brothers doing?

But compared to them, Little Spring Flower had more mixed feelings inside.

She had made such a big decision, and had given up so much, but she had met a fool!

She really hated to go back to just now and let these people finish themselves off with a claw, at least it wouldn’t be so embarra*sing now, right?

“What the f*ck did you …… just say?” The bear man wondered if his ears had misheard and looked at Han Qianqian and asked tentatively.

“I, one, beat all of you, you all together, I’m in a hurry, do you understand?”