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His Destined Path Chapter 3159

Chapter 3159

It was clear to hear that he did mean what he just said.

If it was any other time, with the Bearman’s temper, if someone dared to speak to him in such a tone, he would have been thunderstruck.

But at this moment he did not, and even, unbelievably for his mother, he wanted to laugh a little.

Not only was this true of him, but also of the group of monster brothers behind him, some of whom had even burst out laughing outright.

“This idiot is going to beat us all by himself!”

“f*ck, he’s really swell.”

“Not to mention the fact that this b*****d doesn’t use his sword right now, even if he did, the old guys could still eat him to death.”

“sh*t, this guy f*cking ……”

The group was laughing and cursing again.

“What? One by one, they blow themselves out of proportion, twenty or so to beat me, and you guys have to discuss it for so long?” Han Qianqian didn’t have the slightest ripple of emotion, his whole being was unusually bland.

Since he was the one who made the request, he was naturally prepared for anything.

“f*ck you, since you’re so eager to find death, then fine, then grandpa will fulfill you.” The bear man shouted coldly and waved his big hand.


The two dozen monsters, at once, swung directly into a large formation, surrounding Han Qianqian in an arc.

They each drew their weapons away, looking formidable, their stance not low.

Xia Wei’s palms were already breaking out in cold sweat, she didn’t understand and couldn’t comprehend why her three thousandth brother would put himself in such a dangerous atmosphere.

The mountain-penetrator suddenly laughed, but he was by no means laughing happily, but he was alive with anger at Han Qianqian.

“You are the landlords here, as the saying goes, a strong dragon does not oppress a snake, so you strike first.” Han Qianqian, who was surrounded, swept a glance at the group of monsters that had formed a semi-circle and coldly however said.

Hearing these words, the exasperated piercing beetle laughed even more wildly as it hammered its own head.

Over there, even the old man, who was always steady, almost lost his footing and stumbled and fell straight to the ground.

“f*ck you, you’re still wild.” Bull Head roared in anger, and the huge meteor hammer in his hand was flung directly and nonchalantly towards Han Qianqian on the spot.

As soon as he moved, the remaining twenty or so people immediately followed suit.

With the bear man almost at the head, they came in a direct attack.

In the face of this siege, Han Qianqian stood still but hesitated, and the Mountain Piercing Armour felt that his toes were about to dig through the soles of his shoes due to excessive tension.

Suddenly, just at that moment!


When more than twenty weapons were spread out to cover Han Qianqian’s body, the piercing vest and the others subconsciously closed their eyes, unable to bear to witness the tragedy, however, they did not hear any sound of hitting on the flesh, instead, there was only the ping-pong sound of weapons colliding with each other.

When they opened their eyes, they saw that there was no Han Qianqian in the centre of the crowd.

When they looked again, they found that Han Qianqian was already standing there behind that bull man.

“What’s he up to?” The piercing beast’s eyes were locked tightly, not even willing to blink.

Xia Wei also looked bewildered, “Is he …… going to beat him up?”

It looked as if yes.

At this moment, Han Qianqian’s horse stance was slightly crouched, his right fist was already clenched and aimed at the bull’s back already poised to strike.

“Is he crazy?” Little Spring Flower muttered.

If the lead bear or pig man was considered a killing machine that attacked more than it defended, then this bull head was definitely an iron-clad defensive gate.


He actually ……

actually tried to use his fist to hit the bull?

This is playing with a big sword in front of a Guan Gong, what’s the difference?

But Han Qianqian was just at the right moment, and his fist had already struck out directly.

The four people present were all dumbfounded.

What difference was there between this and touching a stone with an egg?

“That’s not right.”

At this moment, the piercing mountain beetle suddenly noticed that the direction of Han Qianqian’s punch seemed a little wrong.

He wasn’t punching the bull full on straight on, but ……

“sh*t, he’s trying to hit more than twenty people with one punch!”