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His Destined Path Chapter 3161

Chapter 3161

As Han Qianqian’s hands heavily closed his palms, the heavenly fire and moon wheel held in each palm were annihilated in Han Qianqian’s double palms.

Perhaps, to the enemy, they were electric and cold, but in Han Qianqian’s hands, they were not violent, but just quietly obeyed all of Han Qianqian’s arrangements.

At least, that was the case at the moment.

But just when everyone thought that this was all, suddenly, there seemed to be a powerful and invisible force building up in Han Qianqian’s palms.

Along with it, the ground beneath Han Qianqian’s feet was cracking, and long, thin craters were spreading, heading deeper into the city.


Houses blasted down as the crevices pa*sed, while everything still trembled with the slight shaking of the ground.

The man in the piercing armour was scared silly, he could clearly feel that the core of the whole crazy shaking was coming from Han Qianqian, whose centre point was in his closed palms.

“What the hell kind of power is this?” Piercing Mountain Vest said in shock.

But at the same time, it dawned on him that there seemed …… to be nothing to be shocked about.

The guy in front of him, that is a person who can fight against the inner strength of the little princess of the qilin, then the strong inner strength he exploded out, naturally everything seems unbelievable, but in the reasonable.

“Now, maybe it’s time to say the words.” Thinking of this, the piercing beast was suddenly relieved again.

A god-like being!

Perhaps, in his lifetime, he had never seen how a true god really was, nor did he know how huge the energy of a true god really was, but at least at this moment, for all of Piercing Mountain Armor’s perceptions, a god, was nothing more than Han Three Thousand so and so.

The fact is that, as the mountain vest said, he is a god-like existence.

The corners of Xiaochunhua’s mouth showed the slightest smile, Mother, did you see?

Perhaps, as you said, there is sweetness in all suffering.

She used to think that this was a big lie concocted by her mother to coax herself to stay strong and survive, knowing that she was an abandoned person by God and could only reincarnate in pain throughout her life, which would have a sweet day, but who would have thought that the village would be seen in the darkness of the willows!

A forced escape, is it really what this man says?

And in return, freedom and a new life?

This was true for those who were watching, and even more so for those who were in the situation.

The bear man looked at the power in Han Qianqian’s hand, which seemed vaguely huge, but was missing, and his heart had long been panicked.

It, right beneath him, was like a sword hanging upside down in the ground, and he did not know when it would suddenly plunge into his body.

But in any case, this was the first time he had ever felt the fear of death in the decades he had mingled in the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

“Junkies, it’s time to say goodbye.”

Han Qianqian had a slight cold glint in the corner of his eyes, and at that moment, his double palms slowly pulled out.

In the centre of the double palms, a blue and red, fire-like, electricity-like mana energy was pulsating violently and restlessly.

“Haha, hahahahaha.”

Looking at this energy, even at this moment, Han Qianqian laughed incomparably hideously.

Almost half of his own body’s power had been gathered, fusing everything in his body with everything in his body, just for this one move.

Admittedly, for Han Qianqian to deal with this group of people like this was indeed a little bit of killing a chicken with a bull’s-eye, but he knew better than anyone that he had to do it.

“Give me a go.”

With a roar, the throbbing blue and red power fiercely turned larger, like a giant ball, and blasted towards the dozens of monsters above his head.

“f*ck, give me all the luck to fend it off.” The bear man’s entire body was horrified at the sight of this.

The huge blue and red ball that pulsated, even though it had not yet reached his body, he could already feel the infinite power it contained, the mad agitator within it, and once it came into contact with it, Bearman dared not imagine what the consequences would be.

Or perhaps, he was no longer qualified to know what the consequences would be.

Hearing the bear man’s words, all the monsters hurriedly mobilised their energy and collaborated with each other to put up a huge defensive energy shield, determined to fight Han Qianqian’s blue and red sphere to the death.


The two met and the blue and red ball exploded ……