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His Destined Path Chapter 3162

Chapter 3162

A whole corner of the city exploded with it.

The two met at the point of explosion, a powerful wave of wind spread in all directions, Xia Wei, wearing mountain armor hurriedly luck to resist, but even so, the two resist where they were directly knocked back several fans by the explosion of the wind wave, legs sliding down the red soil even behind the accumulation of a small mountain.

Even those houses that were still strong when the ground shook were turned into piles of scattered ashes by the wave of air.

The path of the wave went a hundred metres into the city, pushing the edge of the city a hundred metres further.

Within these hundred metres, the ground was flat and there was nothing else.

If there had been anyone else at this time, they would have been able to draw a complete breath of cold air and be shocked that this was still possible.

Compared to the commotion of the house turning to dust, at this moment, above Han Qianqian’s head, it was very quiet.

As if a pin drop could be heard, as if all things did not exist.

When Xia Wei and the mountain beetle finally settled down their figures, they looked behind them and saw that the little spring flowers and the old man were not seriously hurt, and only then did they hurry to put their eyes on Han Qianqian.

The explosion was over, the flash of light was gone, and a strange scene was reflected in the pupils of the four of them at the same time.

The group of monsters that were so big and tall that they could block the street in a row were not left with even a bit of dust.

Mixed with that explosion, ashes flew, smoke went out!

Beating two dozen people with one punch, earlier it was like Han Qianqian was dreaming.

Now the result, however, looked like four people were dreaming.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that such an unbelievable performance would have been possible.

Even though, Han Qianqian’s amazing manoeuvres had been seen several times before by Mountain Piercing and Xia Wei.

The piercing vest shook its head with a bitter laugh, “I think I know what I should do next.”

Xia Wei knew the meaning of his words and nodded, “It’s time to learn more, we’ll have to praise this guy in a different way in the future, otherwise there won’t be enough writing and ink.”

The old man shook his head with a helpless, bitter smile, how could this not be?

Han Qianqian slightly withdrew his hand, bashful a look around, ears clear a lot, back to eyes looking at the four people Han Qianqian a few steps slowly walked over.

“Is everything okay?” Han Qianqian chuckled softly.

“All right?” The pangolin shook its head helplessly and walked up to Han Qianqian: “Where do you get the impression that I look fine?”

Han Qianqian took a look at this guy, from the beginning to the end there was nothing wrong with him, how could he look like he was not alright?

“You’re sick?” Han Qianqian rolled his eyes and said in a cold voice.

“Yes, extremely sick.” The pangolin nodded noncommittally, his hand covering his chest, “His heart has taken a violent blow.”

“Honestly, are you f*cking looking at Little Spring Flower, so you’re deliberately showing off, dealing with a bunch of monsters only, you’re f*cking like a fried god?”

Hearing this, Xia Wei let out a giggle, the old man also laughed bitterly and helplessly, only Little Spring Flower, embarra*sed, did not know what to do.

Han Qianqian glanced coldly at the pangolin and said disdainfully, “I think you’re not suffering from a blast to the heart, you’re clearly suffering from a severe brain injury.”

“How about that? Do you want me to give you some energy to enlighten you?”

With these words, Han Qianqian’s hands were already moving with energy, and he was about to strike.

When he saw this, the mountain beetle hurriedly dodged and moved around, playing with Han Qianqian’s big hand.

Han Qianqian didn’t bother with this idiot, and as soon as he withdrew his hand, the guy came back like a cowlick, “What? You want to kill him now that you’ve failed to reason?”

“Hmph, you’re still enlightened, I think you’re just trying to make me look like a fool and hide your despicable secrets, right?”

Han Qianqian looked at this guy like he was a fool, if there could be a bullsh*t competition, this guy would definitely be number one.

“Killing a chicken with a bull’s-eye looks like a great talent, but in reality …… humph.” The old man shook his head slightly, obviously, this statement has been very obvious.

Han Qianqian did not say anything, raised his eyes and glanced at the depths of the street inside and smiled gently.

And almost at the same time as Han Qianqian withdrew his gaze, a figure also instantly flashed through the blood mist, moving quickly towards the deepest part of the city.

A few moments later, the figure arrived at an ancient tomb in the middle of the city, and then turned into a demonic light and burrowed inside ……