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His Destined Path Chapter 3164

Chapter 3164

After a surprised question, for a long, long time, that dark front seemed to fall into a dead silence.

“How many people have come?” He spoke slowly and coldly.

“Your Holiness, there are four in total.”

“Four people?” Hearing this, he visibly froze, “But as far as I know, the Bears’ gang totals twenty-four.”

“Your Holiness is correct, the Bearmen are entrenched at the city gates and are one of the Four Furies, and according to the agreement, the total is twenty-four people including themselves. But ……”


“Yes.” The dark figure lowered his head, “All twenty-four have been sacrificed.”

“All sacrificed?” Hearing this, the ghostly daddy was clearly frozen.

The Four Great Earth Demons were guarding the entrance to the city, and the bear man was obviously one of them, whose strength naturally needed no further explanation.

His men were also extraordinary. After all, which of the Earth Demons was a waste?

But such a team had won a hundred battles, and today, even though they had lost, they had actually been wiped out.

This was not often seen in the history of Devil Cloud Ghost City, and could even be said to be the only great shame of the Four Furies.

“Who are they?” The Demonfather asked.

“Not of the devil race, and by looking at their appearance it is impossible to tell which side of the devil they are, but ……”

“But what?”

“Your Majesty, the one in the lead is not a demon, but a member of the Central Plains.”

“The Central Plains human race?” Hearing this, the Demonfather’s entire body was startled: “The Central Plains human race, at most, enters the City of the Dark and Bright, when would they dare to go deeper into the Demon Cloud Ghost City? Could you be wrong?”

Throughout the ages, the human race’s activities were confined to the city of Youming at the edge of the Devil’s Land, where most of them did business, but they definitely did not dare to leap the slightest bit over the line.

Now, not only did someone leap the line, but they even dared to cross the land of red earth that even the people of the Demon Race did not dare to cross, the Demon Cloud Ghost City, this really sounded too unbelievable.

“Your Holiness, naturally, my subordinate does not dare to say anything half bad, my subordinate saw very clearly that the leader was definitely from the Central Plains and, moreover, quite young.”

“Young?” The Demon Lord was silent, then he suddenly smiled, “That’s strange, is there someone so young and so fierce among the others?”

“I am somewhat interested, where have they arrived?”

“They are heading in, intending to go through the city, also during the great battle, hundreds of metres of the city gate were destroyed due to an explosion of mana energy, the city gate was moved inwards quite a bit as a result.”

“Where are the ghostly shadows?”

“Immediately then the road.”

“Interesting.” The ghost daddy laughed, seeming to suddenly turn not angry but very happy: “Let the ghost shadows gather quickly, I would like to take a good look at who this so-called young Chinese is.”

“My subordinate will go to it.”

“By the way, Your Holiness, then they ……”

“There is no rush.” The ghostly djinn smiled gently and seemed to have fallen into deep thought.

The black shadow did not dare to disturb and retreated slightly ……

And at this time in the city, Han Qianqian’s gang found a dilapidated house and reluctantly sat down, Han Qianqian took out some fish meat and distributed some to the people while sweeping around vigilantly.

When they looked back, although they were holding some of the fish, they were hesitant to eat it.

They understood very well that although Han Qianqian had indeed caught and killed an incomparably huge fish, how important the meat of these fish was to Han Qianqian, so they could not even spare them.

It was Little Spring Flower who Han Qianqian actually gave the most to, but she ate the fastest, gobbling it up as if she hadn’t eaten for a long, long time.

Perhaps she was already used to this kind of opportunity to fill her stomach in this kind of environment, where she had to drink blood and hair.

Seeing her gobble it all up in a few swallows, Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile and took out another piece of fish from his spatial ring and handed it to her, “Eat slowly, I still have enough.”

“Old Han, this fish ……”

“Yes, Brother Three Thousand, you ……”

As they watched Han Qianqian take out another large piece, the pierced beetle and Xia Wei were in a hurry, after all, they were so precious that the two of them couldn’t even spare a small bite.

“Thanks …… thanks.” Little Spring Flower nodded, her eyes filled with gratitude as she took the piece of fish.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, not the least bit distressed, but just as he was about to draw back and sit upright, suddenly, a mouthful of fresh blood flowed directly out of his mouth, and the man also blacked out before his eyes, and fell to the ground with a direct thud ……