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His Destined Path Chapter 3165

Chapter 3165

Seeing Han Qianqian suddenly fall down, the four people present were startled.

The three of them, Pierced Mountain Armor, Xia Wei and the old man, even rushed to Han Qianqian’s side and surrounded him. Pierced Mountain Armor grabbed Han Qianqian’s meridian and slightly probed it, then looked back at the two of them with his eyes, “Fainted, it should be the Seal of the Earth regained.”

“So what now, I ……” With those words, Xia Wei had already pulled up her sleeves, ready to give Han Qianqian blood.

But just then, at the outermost edge, Xiao Chun Tao spoke slowly, “This is not the place to save people, follow me.”

The three men looked at each other, pondering the truth of Xiaochuntao’s words, after all, she was not her own type, and had also tricked herself earlier.

It was the old man who, after a moment’s hesitation, took the lead and nodded.

“If she wants to harm us, this is all her territory, isn’t it?” The old man laughed.

Xia Wei nodded as well, “Since Brother Three Thousand has used her, he shouldn’t suspect her.”

“Good.” With a grit of his teeth, the piercing beetle looked towards Little Spring Flower, “You lead the way ahead.”

Xiao Chunhua didn’t say anything more, and after the Wearing Mountain Armour had put Han Qianqian on his back, he quietly took a wary glance around, then led the four of them to jump straight across the main street, moving quickly towards the prosperous and dilapidated houses on the side.

There was hardly a single intact house here, each of them extremely damaged, and many of them even relied on each other to keep them from collapsing.

This was simply a collection of high-risk buildings.

One after another, the group of five pa*sed through these buildings, heading further and further in, farther and farther away from the main city road.

It is impossible to say that there is no worry in his heart. Perhaps this is the truth that once bitten by a snake, one is afraid of the gra*s rope.

However, just as the pangolin’s emotions were building up and even about to explode, the little spring flower suddenly stopped.

As the pangolin looked around, there were broken walls everywhere, and the wet red soil beneath its feet was even covered with an extremely disgusting moss.

If it was considered secluded earlier, then here, it could simply be described as a place where even ghosts would not come.

“Where are you taking us?” The pangolin finally couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Xiao Chunhua did not answer, quietly glancing behind them, after making sure no one was following, Xiao Chunhua then suddenly walked quickly towards a broken house next to them.

Although the three were confused, they followed with Han Qianqian on their backs.

The hut was not bright, and although there were many broken holes and rotten pits to the extent that the sightline opened up, it was still pitch-black once inside due to the overall dark clouds in the area.


Just then, a soft sound came from the little spring flower that had taken the lead to one corner of the room.

Underneath a broken altar, a wooden plank covered the floor, and this sound was the very same sound of this plank being lifted.

As the plank was lifted by Little Spring Flower, a not-so-large hole appeared in front of several people underneath the plank.

“Go in.” Little Spring Flower glanced at the three men and said in a sharp voice.

“Go in?” The mountain beetle instantly froze, this eye how to look at how unusually small, not to mention people through this hole into, even if it is said that it is some kind of python cave he also believe.

“Hurry up, it’s too late.” Little Spring Flower urged in a sharp voice.

The pangolin glanced at Xia Wei and the old man, and when he saw the two of them finally nod, he gritted his teeth, “I’ll go in first.”

With those words, he put down Han Qianqian, and the pangolin jumped straight in through the modest hole.

The outer hole was obviously quite small compared to the size of the pangolin, but what was left was that the hole was empty, plus the pangolin itself was able to burrow into the earth, and almost only stayed at the hole for a few moments before entering it directly.

Xia Wei and the old man looked at each other and waited for a signal from the pangolin’s side.

A few moments later, the mountain beetle made a sound, so the two of them hurriedly sent Han Qianqian down.

Only after the unconscious Han Qianqian was sent down did Xia Wei and the old man follow him down the cave.

The cave was quite wide and several meters deep, and as it descended, the four of them could not help but be collectively dumbfounded when they looked around again ……