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His Destined Path Chapter 3166

Chapter 3166

“This ……”

“This ……”

The three of them stood up from the ground with shocked faces almost simultaneously, looking incredulously right in front of them.

In front of them, an immense and incomparable underground world appeared in front of everyone.

The space was strangely large, surrounded by hanging all kinds of earthen houses, which were all built according to the earth, and outside the earthen houses a large crowd of people were busy, they were either carrying heavy objects, or smashing iron tools, or in a chopping wood to add fire, a busy scene.


At times, the sound of a whip rang out, shaking the ears, and the three were shocked to discover that in many places there were huge monsters with weapons standing, overseeing the busy crowd like soldiers, and if they found someone who was slow, the whip would immediately strike them directly.

The whip was strange, neither made of iron nor of the common kind of leather, but of a white, very hard texture.

In the centre of the group was a huge column of earth, with white smoke curling up from it, and a fire hole beneath it, into which many people were adding firewood to make the fire in the hole burn more fiercely.


Another sound of chains rattling, the crowd raised their eyes and realised that there was an iron cable hanging directly above the mound of earth, all the way from the other side.

There were many iron hooks hanging from the top of the iron rope and some long things in white bags underneath, and as the iron rope cut right into the high mound of earth, it was all over with a watery clang.

“What’s this?” The pangolin looked at the mound of earth in confusion, his whole being filled with curiosity.

Xia Wei was about to speak, when Little Spring Flower, who had come in last, had already slid down from the cave as well, glanced at the four of them, and at the monsters with weapons, and said quietly, “Follow me, hurry up.”

With those words, she went around the side of the earthen wall and hurried quickly towards the side.

The three of them took a strange look at the high mound of earth, and although they were puzzled, they could only hurry to follow Little Spring Flower at this point, and quickly disappeared from the spot.

There was a lot of space in the ground and a lot of busy noise, and under the leadership of Little Spring Flower, the gang moved left and right, and after several minutes of circling around, they finally followed a dilapidated staircase, and after climbing up a few metres, arrived at the door of an earthen house.

“Go in.”

After sweeping around to make sure no one was there, Xiao Chunhua hurriedly opened the door, allowing the three to rush inside with Han Qianqian.

Subsequently, after they had gone inside, she swept the surroundings again vigilantly before shutting the door of the earthen hut.


Once inside, Xiao Chunhua let out a long breath, the temperature underground was not that high, on the contrary it was still relatively suitable, but even so, at this moment, Xiao Chunhua was already covered in fragrant sweat.

“What’s wrong with him?” Xiao Chunhua asked with concern as she took off her own jacket freely while looking at Han Qianqian.

“The outskirts of the city are covered with eyes and his minions are everywhere, if they find out he’s injured and unconscious, they’re bound to attack.”

The Wearer nodded, and his heart finally reluctantly let go of his worries; at least for now, Little Spring Flower had not deceived himself as he had last time.

“He’s up to his old tricks.” Pierced Mountain Armour said, and after thinking about it, he seemed to feel wrong and hurriedly said, “However, he will be fine after resting for a while.”

After saying that, he glanced at Xia Wei and the old man, clearly hoping that they would not say anything.

After all, being born on someone else’s turf, everything had to be done carefully as yet.

Little Spring Flower looked as if she believed the words of the Wearing Mountain Armor and rummaged around the house for half a day, finally using a rag to barely make a bed on the floor, and with the Wearing Mountain Armor, helped Han Qianqian up.

“By the way, this is ……” asked Xia Wei.

“This is my home.” Little Spring Flower replied.

“No wonder that although there are houses above this city, there are not many people to be seen, so most of the people live under this ground.” Xia Wei said with relief.

“Most of the people?” Hearing this, Little Spring Flower suddenly smiled bitterly, “You mean those people working outside?”

Seeing such an expression on Little Spring Flower’s face, Xia Wei’s entire body was somewhat bewildered, was there something she had said that was wrong?

But the truth was that in the underground world, there were many people who were busy, right?

Little Spring Flower was helpless, smiled even more bitterly and shook her head, “They …… are not people.”