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His Destined Path Chapter 3168

Chapter 3168

“D*mn it, there’s someone in your house?” Master Lone shouted, and immediately turned around and snapped towards Little Spring Flower’s house.

And almost at the same time, the pangolin in the house was also ready to launch an attack at any time, as long as that guy dared to do something half-right, he would immediately kill him with a single blow without hesitation.

How could she have imagined that at this critical moment, there would be a sudden noise in the house?

But when he came back to his senses, she snapped to attention, then hurried to follow Master Lone’s footsteps, gently pulling him along and saying, “Master Lone, it’s …… some ground rats.”

“Ground rats? Little Spring Flower, do you take your Lone Master for a fool? You get up for me.” The words fell, Master Lone rudely opened Little Spring Flower directly with a palm, and Tiger Tiger came to the front of the house in a few steps.

Pierced Mountain Vest also hurriedly led three people to hurry I obediently hid next to the door, leaving Han Qianqian there, once this person entered the house and his sight was placed on Han Qianqian, he could directly launch an attack.

But just when holding his breath, was pushed away from the little spring flower, hurriedly rolling and crawling back again to the lone master’s side, in he was about to raise his leg to kick the earth house room door, a direct leg to hold him.

“Master Lone, no …… don’t, don’t.” Little Spring Flower looked at Master Lone with her hands clinging to his thighs for dear life and begged.

“Get lost.” Master Lone shouted in annoyance and anger.

“I won’t get out of the way.” Little Spring Flower still refused to give up in the slightest.

Master Lone looked at her coldly, and seeing her stubborn look, he frowned and pointed into the house, “You better tell me honestly what is in the house. I’m telling you, you won’t be able to hide it”

Little Spring Flower looked up at him, put her head down and gritted her teeth, “Do you really want to know?”


“Okay, I’ll tell you, it’s a man.”

“A man?” Master Lone froze and looked at Little Spring Flower with a deadly stare.

“Today I was sent out to catch a man by my superiors, and although the man was caught, I had never seen much of the Middle Kingdom people, let alone one that looked that good, so ……”

“So you brought him back?”

“Yes, I talked it over with the dog team outside, and then I brought him back secretly.”

Hearing this explanation from Little Spring Flower, Master Lone didn’t say anything, his mind whirling, and on closer examination, it seemed that this was indeed the most logical explanation.

It would, after all, directly explain why he had seen Little Spring Flower sneakily closing the door to his room just now.

It turned out that, after all, it was this Sl*t who had become obsessed and had played a game of “hiding the girl in the golden house”.

“Little Spring Flower, you’re really a f*cking Sl*t, how dare you hide a man?” Master Lone looked at Little Spring Flower and said in a cold voice, “Normally you pretend to be so noble, I thought you were some kind of pure and innocent woman, but now, you are nothing more than that.”

In the face of this shameful scolding, the mountain vest and the others in the room were all a bit exasperated, but Xiao Chun Hua, who did not care at all, seemed to have completely ignored it.

“If you are offended, you can tell the people above you, but Master Lone, don’t blame Little Spring Flower for not warning you, since I can bring people down, I must have the consent of some people, and once things get big, some people are not the ones you can implicate.” Little Spring Flower looked at him, her eyes unusually bland.

The acting skills required for years outside the city were naturally refined a thousand times, and it was impossible to see the slightest flaw in her.

“You f*cking Sl*t, you threaten old me!” Master Lone was furious and even raised his hand to slap him across the face.

But when he reached the air, his hand stopped there.

Little Spring Flower was right, if she could bring someone down, how could there be no tacit approval from some people up there? Therefore, if he were to sue up there, the matter was bound to get bigger, and if he were to involve someone he couldn’t afford to mess with, the consequences for him would obviously be extremely tragic as well.

He had nothing else to do but to be angry, and he did not even dare to hit Little Spring Flower at this moment. Because since the people above him had acquiesced, it was obvious that the stinking b*tch had sold her body to beg for the relationship.

“You b*tch.” He violently withdrew his hand and glared at Little Spring Flower with malicious eyes, “Don’t think I dare not touch you, you have a man to be comfortable with while I have to enjoy my loneliness alone, don’t you dream.”

“Now come with me to my room, or else no one will be better off.”

Hearing these words, Little Spring Flower visibly froze, her eyes filled with disgust, but at this moment she knew deep down that she could not refuse, and was at a loss as to what to do when a sound of footsteps came from inside the house.

The two couldn’t help but look back at the same time, and the three people in the house looked at the figure in shock ……

It was Han Qianqian!