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His Destined Path Chapter 3169

Chapter 3169

Even though Han Qianqian had only just awakened, the voices outside could be heard by the piercing beast and the others, so why would he not hear them himself?

Therefore, when it was necessary, Han Qianqian naturally stood out.

“Ga ……”

As the earthen door was slowly opened, a figure quickly stood at the doorway. Although the Seal of the Earth was reactivated, Han Qianqian’s face was not extremely good, but it was not easily noticeable in this dark environment.

Even Master Lone could not help but frown at his delicate features and outstanding temperament, not to mention his own ugly looks.

No wonder he was able to get Little Spring Flower to bring someone down to play on the Golden House, it turns out that he really does have a few brushes.

However, even so, strong feelings of comparison and discontentment as well as manly dignity mixed together to create a different kind of anger within Master Lone, and he pointed his finger at Han Qianqian, looked at Xiao Chunhua with disdain and said in a cold voice, “Oh? Just this little f*cking white boy?”

“I really don’t know what the f*ck you see in him, look at his weak dog look, I can slap him back to his grandma’s house.”

After saying that, Master Lone looked at Han Qianqian provocatively, with the urge to beat you up right now in his eyes at all times.

If it was before, when Master Lone said this, Little Spring Flower would have nodded his head repeatedly, after all, although Master Lone was not qualified to participate in above-ground affairs, this guy was always in charge of the underground side, so he naturally had the ability to do so.

Unfortunately, after seeing Han Qianqian punch away the bear man and the others, not only did Little Spring Flower not believe this statement in the slightest, but he even wanted to laugh.

A slap that sent others back to their grandmother’s house, I’m afraid that others have sent your grandmother back to her house with a slap.

Seeing the hint of laughter that spread across the corners of Little Spring Flower’s mouth, Master Lone became angry, his dignity as a man made him shout fiercely, “You don’t believe me?”

With those words, he rushed towards Han Qianqian in a few steps.

Inside the house, the man who had been hiding behind the door wanted to make a move, but Han Qianqian reached out his hand and gestured that he didn’t need to, and instead he looked at the oncoming Master Lone indifferently.

As he got closer, Han Qianqian got a good look at this guy’s face. He was about the same size as the pig man, but if the pig man was considered naive, then this guy was a typical thief.


He rushed to Han Qianqian and grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up like a chicken, his eyes were full of anger and he wanted to eat Han Qianqian alive.

“Just him?” Having lifted Han Qianqian, Master Lone looked back at Little Spring Flower with cold eyes.

“Stop it.” Seeing this situation, Little Spring Flower shouted sharply.

Master Lone did not intend to let go, and even secretly made an effort to lift Han Qianqian even higher.

“What the hell do you want?” Seeing him like this, Little Spring Flower glared at him angrily and said in a cold voice.

“Old me, Master Lone, has been chasing you for a long time, but never got you, and now, this trash is going to play with you to turn the world upside down, so naturally, this old man’s heart doesn’t f*cking feel good.” Seeing that the tide had turned in his favour, Master Lone was in a much better mood, but his words were still icy cold.

“As I said, if you want to be happy, then you have to be happy with Laozi, otherwise, you don’t even think about it.”

With those words, he had a hint of laughter in his eyes as he stared deadly at Little Spring Flower.

Obviously, his intentions were already very clear.

Little Spring Flower was disgusted with Master Lone, not only was he ugly, but his persona was unknown to everyone in this underground, and she had always avoided him, only barely maintaining a certain superficial relationship with him because she had to survive, but to do anything with him, Little Spring Flower had never thought about it.

But right now, she didn’t know exactly what happened to Han Qianqian, she only knew from the pierced mountain armor that Han Qianqian had suffered a recurrence of his old injury. Although the pierced mountain armor said that nothing was wrong, but how could Xiao Chunhua, who had survived the bloodshed, not know that there was more to the matter?

But just as Xiao Chunhua was about to nod, at this moment Han Qianqian suddenly smiled: “What is this one called …… something orphaned is it?”

“Seems to forget to tell you, I came out just to tell you, you want little spring flowers to accompany you? The door are not.”

Hearing this, Master Lone was instantly furious, but glared back at Han Qianqian, only to find that at this time, although Han Qianqian was being carried by him, but his eyes never had any panic and fear, there, only a bland stare ……