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His Destined Path Chapter 3172

Chapter 3172

“Master Lone has an order, those whose names are read out, follow me.”

With those words, the guy fixed his gaze on one of them.

“Yun Hai.”

“Bright Moon.”

“Corpse Ghost.”

“Niu Li.”

String after string of names, in just the twinkling of an eye, dozens of people had already been called by name, and those who were called by name, regardless of their status, all put down the work in their hands and quickly gathered towards a corner.

There, Master Lone was waiting for them.

While the ground was so busy, it was clear that the ground was not free either.

At the old tomb in the middle of the city, dozens of black shadows suddenly intersected each other like lightning in the clouds, and then, in a single stream, they struck the old tomb directly and violently.

The old tomb did not falter, but the dozens of black shadows suddenly fell silent in the tomb.

Still in that incomparably dark space, still with an even less visible front, the dozens of black shadows stopped as a stream of light.

Then, the dozens of black shadows turned like streams of light again, outlining an immense screen in the midst of the darkness.

Almost at the same time, the entire screen showed everything that happened when Han Qianqian and the others arrived at the city gates one by one like a movie.

When he saw that the dog man had been attacked but Little Spring Flower had been left behind, he gave a slight hint of confusion, but did not say anything.

Everything was still so quiet.

Until, when the image of Han Qianqian fighting the bear man came through, the whole image was suddenly brought to a halt, and the dark space in front of him also violently seemed to be swirling with black air.

“Well, human?” His shocked voice snapped out, “Is this you?”

Above the stopped image, at that moment, was exactly the image of Han Qianqian using the combined power of the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel and conceiving.

“Interesting, interesting, really interesting.”

With those words, he gave a grim sneer and restarted the picture, until finally, the picture reality of Little Spring Flower leading Han Qianqian into the underground, and everything had come to a grinding halt.

If it were usual, if one of his own people played such a betrayal, not to mention him, anyone else would have been furious, yet at this moment, the man in this ma*s of black gas was letting out a kind of laughter that came from his heart in truth.

He seemed to be very happy.

And almost at the same time, on the other side.

When he saw the piece of fish that had finally been transformed into a piece of meat and stuffed into Han Qianqian’s mouth after a tumultuous operation by the old man, plus a slightly cruel operation by Xia Wei.

Even the little spring flower could not help but frown at this point.

This thing ……

It’s a bit of a turn-off ……

If it was blood alone, it would be fine, especially when the old man put that thing into his mouth and chewed it so badly that it was covered with his saliva, it really made people like Xiao Chunhua, who was used to living in this kind of environment right now, a bit sick to their stomach.

Especially when the person eating this is Han Qianqian ……

A good looking person, so good looking, why does he have to eat this kind of thing ……

However, looking at Han Qianqian swallowing it into her belly after eating it without a care, Xiao Chunhua couldn’t say anything more, and could only choose to remain silent.

“Well?” Xia Wei bandaged her hand and deliberately used to pull her sleeve down, fearing that this would cause guilt in Han Qianqian’s heart.

How could Han Qianqian not notice these small warm gestures of hers? He smiled faintly and looked at Xia Wei with great sincerity: “It’s not a magic pill, how can it work so quickly?”

“But, it’s better.”

Xia Wei smiled sweetly, since Brother Three Thousand said it was better, then it was all worth it.

Xiao Chunhua looked back at Xia Wei and then at Han Qianqian, not knowing what to say.

“Change places?” The pierced beetle frowned.

Little Spring Flower nodded, apparently, she knew Master Lone’s character well, and after suffering such a big loss, he would definitely not rest in peace.

Once that guy came back, he would be subjected to an incomparably cruel retaliation at that time.

So, if you can’t afford to mess with him, can’t you just avoid him?

“Xiao Chunhua is right, even a strong dragon can’t suppress a snake on the ground, besides, the current Han Gongzi can’t be considered a strong dragon anymore, it’s better to find a place to hide, when he recovers it will be fine.” The old man also nodded his head.

But just as everyone agreed to get up, Han Qianqian gave a bitter laugh, “I think it’s too late.”

With these words, Han Qianqian looked blandly in the direction of the door ……