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His Destined Path Chapter 3173

Chapter 3173

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the four people were startled and hurriedly looked back between their eyes, but they saw that there was no movement at the door.

No one was there?

The four of them looked back at Han Qianqian in wonder, but Han Qianqian still had the same smile on his face, but his face was very calm.

Even though he couldn’t use his divine sense, the distance was not too far for Han Qianqian, a man who had been through many battles, and any movement could not escape his intuition.

This was the basic quality a combatant should have.

“Almost there.” Han Qianqian said softly, then he slowly stood up and walked slowly towards the door.

The four men looked at each other in confusion, but still followed closely.

Han Qianqian gently opened it and walked out first, followed by the four men.

When the four of them stood completely at the door, they looked around and realised that Han Qianqian’s words were not the slightest bit false, as several waves of people were slowly walking from afar.

Although this group of people were walking slowly and a considerable distance away, because of the sheer number of people, it became completely impossible to escape from any one place.

Thinking more carefully about Han Qianqian’s words, at the moment, it was indeed too late.

“Those who come are not good.” Looking at these guys, the piercing beetle’s face was icy cold, but his hands were already filled with energy, ready to go to war.

Han Qianqian did not speak, after all, the words of the Mountain Piercing Armor did not need to be answered.

The ground was rubbed with all kinds of noise, which already maximized that these people almost had weapons in their hands, how could they be good.

Han Qianqian looked back at the three men, and waved his hand, indicating that they did not need to be nervous and should retreat first.

The mountain vest naturally did not want to, after all, as far as I could see, there were at least hundreds of them.

Xia Wei is also the same, only the old man, smiled and patted the two on the shoulder: “Go in, three thousand has its own arrangements.”

“But ……”

The old man smiled: “If something happens, wouldn’t it be better for you and the two of you to do a surprise attack or perhaps a pick up?”

Hearing this, the piercing beetle and Xia Wei looked at each other and felt justified, before quietly retreating back into the house.

“Little white boy.”

Almost as soon as the three had retreated back into the house, Master Lone over there was already greeting Han Qianqian from a distance full of provocation.

Seeing that Little Spring Flower was a little vaguely worried, Han Qianqian gently patted her on the shoulder, then with a slight stance, stepped in front of her.

Xiao Chunhua was a little surprised by Han Qianqian’s action. In her world of survival and the laws of survival, no one would stand in the way for anyone, only push you forward.

Staying away from danger is something that is engraved in the bones of everyone here from birth.

As Master Lone approached, he waved his hand, and in time, more and more people slowly got into place.

This group of people, like ants meeting honey, surrounded Han Qianqian in three layers, and for a while, it was a waterfall.

Han Qianqian’s eyes looked at them indifferently, his expression not the slightest bit of panic.

“What the f*ck, is this the little white boy who got the little spring flower?”

“f*ck, I really don’t know which dog’s eyes Little Spring Flower is blind to see such a punk.”

“Who the f*ck is to say otherwise? What else is there but skin and flesh? sh*t, a weak man like that, I could beat him up with one punch and make him call out to his grandfather.”

“How dare a punk like that get his hands on our little spring flower, D*mn it.”

“Master Lone, say something, if you give the word, I’ll break this b*****d’s neck right now… f*ck, what a sh*t, don’t even take a P*ss and look at yourself, how dare you touch Little Spring Flower.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

Almost as soon as the group surrounded Han Qianqian, they pointed and cursed at him without the slightest bit of ceremony.

With such a group of people, a conflict could break out at any moment, and Little Spring Flower was naturally worried beyond belief.

On the other hand, after shouting at Han Qianqian, Master Lone sat back and watched the show, looking at Han Qianqian with a cold smile.

This time, I’ll see how you die.

Han Qianqian also stared at him, a little confused in his heart.

According to common sense, it was something he could think of when he called someone back to get his own back, but looking at the people who had come, it didn’t seem like it.

Because it was obvious that calling for help was definitely calling for powerful people, and it was normal to call over these whip-wielding ones, but they accounted for very few of them, while most of them here were more of a bunch of ordinary people who were obviously doing their jobs.

What kind of operation is this?

“Master Lone, you are simply shameless, using such despicable means.” At this moment, Little Chun Hong finally couldn’t help herself and scolded Master Lone in an angry voice.

The origin of these people really looked as uncomplicated as imagined ……