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His Destined Path Chapter 3174

Chapter 3174

Master Lone was scolded, but he looked aggrieved and shook his head, “Little Chun Hong, how can you say that?”

“This is none of my business.” Master Lone said with a leathery smile.

“It’s none of your business?” Little Chun Hong was so angry that he was gnashing his back teeth.

Seeing Han Qianqian not quite understandingly looking at herself, Little Spring Flower then quietly whispered beside Han Qianqian as if biting her ear, “These are all people who like me.”


When Han Qianqian heard this, he couldn’t help but be shocked, there were actually so many of them!

However, after a closer look at Little Spring Flower’s looks, she did belong to the ranks of beautiful women, not to mention that in a place like this, she was all the more precious, so it didn’t seem to be a surprise.

Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian smiled and glanced at the smug Master Lone.

He really didn’t expect that a small local leader in such a dirty underworld would be so ruthless in his intentions and so meticulous in his schemes.

This Master Lone was very clever, even Han Qianqian sighed to himself.

He didn’t simply go back and call someone and then fight over to get back the face he had lost just now, like some fools.

Because he knew one thing very well, and that was that even if he had not killed Han Qianqian, but had left it to his men to do so, then he, as the direct leader of the gang, would obviously be implicated once he was pursued.

So, this guy played a trick like stealing a dragon and turning it into a phoenix to kill with a knife.

None of the gang were obviously his people, nor were they under his orders, and he only needed to use the power of Little Spring Flower’s charisma to finish fanning the flames from the perspective of a bystander.

Such an effect is far more rigorous than any order he gives.

If you capture the hearts and minds of the people, you will get twice the result with half the effort, and this guy obviously understands this extremely well.

The other advantage of this is that even if something happens, he won’t have anything to do with it.

After all, it wasn’t him or his men who killed the man.

When he saw this, he was not surprised that Han Qianqian knew the whole story. On the contrary, he looked at Han Qianqian provocatively, as if to tell him that even if you knew, what could you do?

The strongest conspiracy is a conspiracy of the Yang, and even if you know about it, there is nothing you can do about it.

Han Qianqian shook his head in a helpless and bitter voice, but Xiao Chunhua, who had already had a stomach full of anger, turned around and shouted sharply at the raging crowd, “Have you had enough, if you have nothing better to do, go back to bed.”

As soon as Little Spring Flower drank, the crowd was indeed instantly quite quiet.

But as one man spoke back with dissatisfaction, the whole crowd exploded once again.

“In the past, when you told us what to do, we naturally dared not disobey, but now, this is about our future lifelong happiness, even if we are of humble status, today, we must stand up and speak.”

“That’s right, that’s right, Little Spring Flower is ours, how can we allow others to snore on our couch? This boy will not rest until he is dead today.”

“Even if we do, it’s not the turn of a weakling like this.

Clearly, the crowd’s anger was like gunpowder, and Little Spring Flower’s words, which in their eyes were naturally meant to protect Han Qianqian, also naturally became the fuse that ignited the gunpowder in their group.

This time, the explosion was far more ferocious than the one just before, and some of them, encouraged by each other, rushed towards Han Qianqian with their weapons.

As more and more people started to attack Han Qianqian, the whole situation was like a pot of chaos.


Among the crowd, Master Lone was already laughing so hard that he could hardly stand up.

This was what happened when you P*ssed off Master Lone, this was the price for upsetting him.

Punch it!

“Now …… what to do.”

Looking at the large group of people who were coming like a tidal wave, Little Spring Flower was worried beyond measure.

Han Qianqian gently shielded Xiao Chunhua behind him, his eyes blandly looking at the crowd rushing up.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”