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His Destined Path Chapter 3178

Chapter 3178

Faced with Master Lone’s renewed charge, Han Qianqian was not the least bit afraid.

Coldly smiling, although he was bound to be more ferocious this time, the rage between his emotions only served to magnify his weaknesses infinitely.

His eyes were fixed on the Lone Master who was charging up. Without the boost to his stance from his true energy, Han Qianqian naturally did not have any speed advantage that he was proud of.

But that didn’t matter.

Even at this point in time, he could still rely on his experience to make several conventional judgements about Master Lone’s next attack.

When a man was in a rage, reason would be absent and more movements would naturally follow instinct.

The instincts of a person are naturally what he is most accustomed to, therefore, the conventional attack trend is what Han Qianqian needs to make a prediction in advance.

When he thought of this, Han Qianqian already had his horse stance planted, facing Master Lone’s attack and immediately taking a defensive stance.

Seeing that Han Qianqian was almost the same as before, Master Lone let out a cold laugh.

He didn’t give a D*mn about Han Qianqian, and his entire focus was mainly on the strange flying sword beside him.

Although that thing was indeed somewhat famous, however, Master Lone was not afraid.

As his body accelerated violently, the flying sword also came violently towards him.

With a twist of one hand, a surge of energy instantly gathered in his hand, and with a push in his hand, a magic energy instantly collided with the flying sword.


There was a huge explosion.

But all was not lost, apparently. But it didn’t end there.

Almost at the same time as the two collided, a black shadow shot out from the smoke of the explosion.

And who else could that black shadow be but Master Lone?

“You punk, you couldn’t imagine, could you?”

He laughed coldly and grimly, and the eyes that looked at Han Qianqian were full of smugness.

Using his Qi to transform his strength, the vast majority of his body’s true energy was used to deal with the flying sword, which was so fierce that he naturally did not dare to be careless.

But after blocking the flying sword, he came up with this move, which in his eyes seemed so brilliant.

After all, that boy would not have thought that he had actually made a move when he seemed to be resisting the flying sword with all his might, would he?

So, even though most of his true energy had been used up at this point, he relied on such a surprising attack, plus his body and strength which he thought was no match for Han Qianqian.

Even if it was just a hard fight, Han Qianqian would not have the slightest chance to win and would naturally be a dead dog in his eyes.

But what he didn’t expect was that Han Qianqian, who shouldn’t be thinking about it at this moment, was not only not the least bit panicked, but also unusually calm, and even had an urge to smile at the corner of his mouth.

sh*t, what was he laughing at?

Obviously, Han Qianqian was laughing at his stupidity.

It was true that he had made a dangerous move, but he had used it on a person who often made dangerous moves.

For someone who often used dangerous moves, how could he not give him credit for this possibility when judging his several attacks?

Although, Han Qianqian’s self-perception of this possibility was also very low.

For this, in Han Qianqian’s eyes, was a dangerous move, but in no way called strange.

One might even say that it was silly!

To completely abandon his personal advantage in attacking with his true qi and play hardball with himself was not the same as using his own strengths to fight the enemy’s strengths?

Therefore, how could Han Qianqian not laugh when he saw this situation?

“I’ll play with you.” After Han Qianqian finished speaking, his right hand formed a fist and his right arm was lightly raised.

Directly aiming at the charging Lone Master, he slammed his fist down.


The two fists met at once.

Although there was no explosion of real energy colliding with each other, the feeling of fist to flesh combat still made the fight between the two of them extremely attention-grabbing.

Everyone in the audience looked at the two men in unison, even stopping to breathe to wait for them to win or lose.

As their fists clashed, Han Qianqian’s legs were already rubbing a ten-centimetre-long gully on the ground, and it was clear that the situation was not promising.

“Brat, you’ve lost.” Looking at Han Qianqian who had already been beaten back by himself, at this moment, Master Lone laughed coldly.

Except for Little Spring Flower, everyone could not help but reveal a faint smile.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, “Are you sure?”

In the face of such a question, Master Lone was about to curse, but suddenly, as he was about to raise his breath to curse, his throat became hot and fresh blood continued to flow out along his mouth.

His eyes snapped open and he looked at Han Qianqian with a deadly gaze ……